What’s going on with Dislyte’s advertising?

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I’ve previously written about Dislyte several times and, for the sake of this article I’m going to be 100% transparent with you. I always am cause I’m just a walking impulse at all times, but I wanted to make that disclaimer. I like Dislyte. I genuinely do. It’s not the best mobile game I’ve ever played but it’s got a lot going for it as I’ve said in my review.

I played it since I was pulled into the closed beta a good while back and I think it’s fantastic. The art is great. The music, though it oddly features some of the same songs from Hot Wheels Unleashed (I review both so I noticed this in an instant), slaps constantly. The character design, which I’ve also gone off on at length, is stunning.

So, if Dislyte is a gorgeous game with a ton of excellent features and looks, why, right out the gate, did Lilith Games immediately start a disinformation campaign of fake ads? They started the day the game went live. I actually knew the game was live because I was doing something else on my phone and saw an ad that was so fake I completely closed the app I was playing to write down notes.

Why is this happening?

If you follow my work, first off, thank you I’m flattered And secondly, you might have noticed I can’t stand fake ads and I think it’s a massive trend that’s spiraling in the wrong direction.

To get some of these ads, I redownloaded this game called Medieval Merge. It’s not tied to Dislyte but the reason I stopped playing it was because you can get back-to-back ads with nary a few seconds between them. With Dislyte big right now, I was sure I’d get ads for it. Sure enough, every ad was a Dislyte ad.

I was able to capture two of them. Let’s look at this one here.

In this one, we see two characters in a bar discussing some shadowy info before a character is shown listening in and then running away. Afterward, it shows a battle between two different types of mythology.

Here are a couple of things to note.

One, these are not the gods. The game clearly explains that these are the people who have been granted the ability of these gods by those gods. They have no ties to each other. Like, two people who got their powers via the Greek Pantheon have ZERO inclination to team up.

Two, this scene never happens in the game. This game doesn’t even have cut scenes like this. It’s all done with static imagery and text like a visual novel. It’s showing a much more involved story than the game itself has.

Here’s another one. This one bothered me a lot more.

Dislyte is a gacha RPG with a camera set behind your team of 5. In no way and at no point does the game EVER become a side-scrolling, two-dimensional fighting game.

Also, I guess I need to mention this again. These are not the gods. There are regular people (with weird fashion sense) that were granted the abilities of the gods FROM the gods. They aren’t gods themselves meaning these two are not related in the LEAST.

Also, you don’t level up like that and none of the interfaces are from the game either.

Some of the ad choices are also really…surprising. For example, there’s this one on YouTube in which the game focuses on the animalistic characters calling the game “furry heaven”. It then shows a heavily edited fight scene in which things happen that don’t happen in a real battle.

This one was from Dislyte’s weird side channel that they use to post “unlisted” ads so that they can’t be found by searching. It’s something a lot of games do when they post false advertisements instead of the main account so that in a legal battle there isn’t evidence.

And the live-action ads. Oof. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any I could copy over but you’ve probably seen them by now. Made by the same “acting” crew that does the King of Avalon stuff and others where people who barely act like humans brag to the world about how strong their characters are. While I couldn’t find the ads themselves, I did find the casting call for them which also called for a “confident, attractive, the sexy goddess who plays video games” to play the role of “Girl Gamer – Lead, Female, 18-28” so I expect great things in the future. Thanks, Zose Media.

It’s such a shame that the game does this cause it looks fantastic.

Off-topic too, the few games I’ve seen that show accurate gameplay are commercials in which influencers filmed themselves playing the gacha part to get characters.

Here’s where that full disclosure comes into play.

When Lilith Games invited me into the closed beta to cover it, they wanted me to be able to get in deep in the game so I can review more than just the beginning. They sent me $300 of in-game currency and $100 worth of the items you need to summon characters. Essentially $400 worth of stuff. I used all $400 on the gacha part.

After using them I had TWO rare characters. Those gold ones you sometimes see in the commercials. I got TWO. That is the most atrocious drop mechanic ever. These ads aren’t necessarily fake because the person on TikTok doing the video probably just saved the exciting bit where they got a gold, but the game definitely plays this off like it’s a normal thing to happen.

It’s frustrating. Dislyte could be a fantastic game. It has great art, fun battle mechanics, and unique skills that make different team builds a blast to experience in PvP. It even has a Guitar Hero-esque rhythm game. But you wouldn’t know by the ads. Why Lilith Games?