5 of the coolest Dislyte characters (and 5 that need help)

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I already mentioned that I’ve been enjoying my time with the new mobile gacha RPG Dislyte. It doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel but it definitely puts some fresh rims on it.

Taking out the tired medieval spin most of these games use to create worlds of swords and sorcery, we instead take famous deities and put their energies into regular people in an apocalyptic demon controlled world. It’s a place that seems like all the money left in the government seems to go towards either research labs or night clubs as you’re about to enter a realm of strange demonic experiments and a slew of EDM musicians. Also, note to Jeanne, the in-game personification of Norse giant “Gerd”, you can say all you want about EDM but you’re literally using your drums to provide the beat to it. It’s like getting a job at KFC and complaining about seeing chicken. What did you want?

Because of the heavy EDM club spin this game has though, these personifications of famous deities have more drip than the ice caps thanks to the climate crisis. And we’re going to go through five of the best-looking characters and 5 that really need help. Note: This doesn’t make these characters bad to use, they just need to check their fit a bit.

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Great  – Mona (personification of Artemis)

If you play Dislyte you’re going to get acquainted with Mona quickly. She’s the one you get when the game teaches you how the gacha mechanics work and, as far as I can tell, everyone gets her as her face seems to become the default for everyone’s profile. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

She’s a great character who’s moves are fantastic. Even her basic attack, Moonshot, deals 130% of her ATK and guarantees a second shot if it kills whatever opponent it hits. So if someone on your team weakened everyone, she can go and pick them all off.

But also, she’s just fantastic to behold. Her whole outfit looks exactly like something Artemis would want to wear. A basic hoodie that helps keep hair out of her eyes. The simple dress allows her to move freely. And easily the most comfortable-looking shoes in the game. She looks like she was born to hunt and I love it.

Dislyte-Fits-Aphrodite /

Not so Great – Alexa (personification of Aphrodite)

Now, if we’re going to talk about how Mona’s outfit is great in part to it’s extreme functionality then we need to bring up Alexa for the opposite reason. Her outfit absolutely sucks.

At first you might be inclined to disagree as, visually, there’s a lot of interesting things going on. The metallic crinoline underneath her is working to hold all the crystal hearts. That’s neat…though confusing and not really what a crinoline is for. But looking at her she must be in absolute hell.

Her attacks aren’t bad. For example, not only does she have an ability which heals but also refreshes your allies attacks meaning that if she gets to use it, your big guns can fire off their massive attacks again. And her regular attack also makes enemies prone to miss for two turns which is pretty useful, especially against some of the bosses that like to hit everyone at once.

But also, I’m sure you may have noticed but her breasts are a medical concern. Especially with the fact that they move and sway like leaves in a wind storm. It seems that that part of her outfit isn’t as stiff as the rest of it meaning the underside of them is absolutely getting sliced up by the bodice. Ouch.

And finally, can we talk about the hair color? Like, I know most of us have taken a picture to the stylist and say “do that but on MY stupid head” but it looks like Aphrodite went for a dye treatment and supplied only a picture of moldy bread because, as someone who has seen moldy bread, that is the exact same grey and green. Alexander Fleming would be cutting off those locks to create antibiotics if he came back from vacation and saw that.

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