Clash of Clans Clan Capital: What happens if you’re kicked or leave your Clan?

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Earlier this week, Supercell gave us a sneak peek into the Spring 2022 update for Clash of Clans, revealing the arrival of Clan Capitals. This massive, brand new feature will see Clans work together to build and defend their Capital, while raiding others.

While Supercell has done a great explaining how the Clan Capital will function and operate, there were still some lingering questions, like what happens if you leave your clan or are kicked out after contributing to the Capital or doing an attack during the Raid weekend. In a follow-up post today, Supercell sought to answer some of these more specific question.

For starters, Supercell explained how you actually get to the Clan Capital. For starters, the Clan Capital is only available to Clans that are level 2 or higher. Additionally, your Village must be Town Hall level 6 or higher in order to enter the Capital. If you meet that requirement, you’ll see the Air Ship next to the Builder Base boat. The Air Ship is the one with the three balloons that was previously referred to as the Colosseum Carrier.

So obviously one of the big things about the Clan Capital is working together with fellow Clan mates to make it as strong as possible. But let’s be honest, not every Clan relationship lasts. One of the most popular questions with the Clan Capital was what happens if you’ve contributed to your Clan’s Capital but then leave or are kicked.

Well, the resources you’ve spent are gone for good. There’s obviously no way of getting them back. So if you’ve donated Capital Gold, you won’t be getting that back. That’s something to think about if you intend to use Gems on Capital Gold.

While you’ll lose all prior contributions, you’ll still get to keep your “Capital Contributions” statistic as well as your Reputation level. Reputation is a new type of XP type system that tracks how much you’ve contributed to your Clan’s Capital. If you’ve got a good Reputation, you should be able to find a new Clan easily. You will also keep any Capital Gold and Raid Medals that you’ve earned and haven’t spent.

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Now what happens to your Rewards if you’re kicked out or leave the Clan during the Raid Weekend before it ends? You’ll still get to keep the Capital Gold that you’ve earned to that point. You’ll also receive the rewards from your former Clan completely destroying Districts or the entire enemy Capital.

The Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update is expected to arrive in May so there are still probably a few more days left of sneak peeks and details pertaining to the Clan Capital. Are you excited for the new update?