Elden Ring New Game+: What carries over into Journey 2 and beyond

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So you’ve beaten Elden Ring. You’ve mended the Elden Ring and began the new age as Elden Lord. Or maybe you got one of the many alternative endings. Either way, your first journey through The Lands Between has come to and end. So on what? New Game+ time!

Elden Ring Journey 2

As any Souls fan will tell you, multiple playthroughs are part of the core FromSoftware experience, and Elden Ring is no different. While this is typically referred to as New Game+, Elden Ring refers to these repeat playthroughs as a new “Journey.”

After beating the final boss in Elden Ring, you’ll be asked if you want to start Journey 2. This is basically new Game+.

You have the option to move ahead into Journey 2 and start from the beginning of the game again, or hold off and continue playing your current playthrough.

If you choose to wait and stay in your current game, you can acquire any Great Runes, weapons or armor you may have missed, defeat any leftover optional bosses, or complete any remaining quest chains. The only thing you can’t do is try for an alternative ending (this can only be done in a new Journey). If you choose to stay in your current Journey, you can visit the Roundtable Hold at any point to begin Journey 2 at any time.

Starting Journey 2: What carries over into New Game+

If you choose to begin Journey 2, you will start the game all over again on a higher difficulty; however, you have the added advantage of some items carrying over with you. When you begin Journey 2, the following will remain with you:

  • Your Level
  • Your Stats
  • Your Weapons
  • Your Items

Basically, you’re taking your character and all the weapons and items they have and playing the game all over again on a higher difficulty. The only items you can’t bring with you are Great Runes, story-specific keys and items that unlock shortcuts, and Stonesword Keys. All of your Sites of Grace will also reset and will need to be rediscovered.

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You’ll notice that enemies will be a bit more tougher in your subsequent playthroughs by they will drop more Runes since you’ll need more to level up. There are a total of seven playthroughs in Elden Ring, so Journey 7 will be your last run.