Triangle Strategy tips and tricks: 5 things you need to know when starting

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Triangle Strategy has tons of intricate systems that enable its deep role-playing and tactical gameplay. There’s a lot to digest, so here are the five things you need to plan your success in Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy tips and tricks: 5 things you need to know when starting

1- Thirst for knowledge

When you’re given the chance to explore the environment between cutscenes and battles, be sure to scour the map and interact with everyone and everything you can.

You’ll learn a lot about the world of the game by collecting books and speaking to people. These tidbits of info aren’t just for your understanding of the world; they enable further dialogue options and choices that can dramatically change the story.

Talking to NPCs also can raise your Convictions, either by just talking to the common folk or by selecting dialogue choices.

2- Go with your gut

Speaking of choices, don’t sweat the dialogue. Go with what you think is the right choice for your first play through. Part of the magic of Triangle Strategy is thinking through your choices, and then dealing with those consequences. It makes for a deeply compelling experience where your choices actually matter.

3- Mock it

You’ll have the option to partake in mock battles starting from Chapter 3. These are simpler fights that help you develop your team strategy in a variety of situations.

In the early game, you can use these to get a feel for your characters and their abilities. Each character has a unique kit that enables tons of interesting strategies, so understanding their strengths and weaknesses is the key to your success.

While you don’t make money or get rewards, these mock battles help you farm from XP you may have missed in the story in cases where a character falls. This makes sure none of your units fall behind too much.

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4- Knowing is half the battle

When you start an encounter, take a moment to read over your enemies’ stat blocks. Hover over them and press Y to see their abilities, what they resist or are weak to and the gorgeous character artwork. Enemies may share character models, but their load outs and abilities may differ.

5- It’s over Anakin

Positioning is everything in Triangle Strategy. Hits against a unit’s back are always critical, and you deal more damage from the high ground.

Follow up attacks happen when you pincer an enemy, so get used to how archers and ranged characters behave on the map to ensure you’re dealing the most damage.

These special attacks are just as threatening to you as to your enemies, so consider where your back is. Ending your turn against the wall or with another friendly unit is a great way to secure your weak spots.