Elden Ring: Which Keepsake starting item is best for you?

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At the start of your Elden Ring journey, you are given a very important decision. Out of ten possible character classes, you need to decide which playstyle best suits how you want to play and conquer The Lands Between.

After you read through all the character stats and decide which class you are going to choose, another important decision is offered to you. It’s a decision that might not seem important right away but will make gameplay easier to start off and beyond.

There are a total of nine Keepsakes in Elden Ring. Keepsakes are items that provide boosts during your game, and are especially useful early on. Think of Keepsakes as the Elden Ring version of Dark Souls’ starting Gifts.

Even though there are nine total Keepsakes, you are only allowed to take one. Although you are able to obtain the others while playing, the first one will have the biggest impact on the early part of your game.

List of all nine Elden Ring Keepsakes

Before explaining which Keepsakes are the best to have in Elden Ring, here is a little explanation of all nine options.

1. Crimson Amber Medallion

The Crimson Amber Medallion is a quite simple Keepsake. If you are looking to have an HP boost, this would be a great Keepsake for you. The whole objective of Elden Ring is to stay alive, and this is definitely a Keepsake that will boost your chances of doing so.

2. Lands Between Rune

Using the Lands Between Rune is a quick way to acquire Runes. This isn’t a terrible option. Runes are used to level up in a quick manner. Choosing this one as your starting Keepsake will help you level up quick early on, but for long term gameplay this may not be the best choice. There are also ways to farm Runes at a way more efficient pace than using this Keepsake.

3. Golden Seed

Golden Seed is very useful as it is how you upgrade your Flask. Flasks are one of the most important things in Elden Ring. They are used to heal your HP and to give you FP (Focus Points).

Having a Golden Seed is a great way to give you an extra flask use. Your Flask can be upgraded a total of ten times. When upgraded all the way, you will have a total of 14 charges that can be used. However, each upgrade will require more than one Golden Seed which aren’t the easiest to come by. Starting with the Golden Seed Keepsake gets you ahead of the game by having a fifth Flask charge right off the get go.

4. Fanged Imp Ashes

If you want a little boost into your battles, the Fanged Imp Ashes Keepsake summons two Fanged Imps into battle to help you out. This is good help during a battle, but there are better ways to go about such challenges.