Elden Ring: Easy early game Rune farming location

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Starting off Elden Ring and having your butt handed to you on a silver platter? Cash in some easy Runes to level up some key early game stats. Here’s an easy Rune farming location to grind for Runes in the early stages of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Easy early game Rune farming location

First off, you’ll need to unlock the ability to convert Runes in stats. After the tutorial zone at the Stranded Graveyard, follow the road north to the Gatefront Ruins. When you rest at the Site of Grace just outside the camp before the gate, you’ll be greeted by Melina.

Accept Melina’s offer to unlock both your Spectral Steed Torrent and her ability to convert your Runes.

Now, head back to the Stranded Graveyard and ride southeast. You’ll need to find the Site of Grace at Seaside Ruins. This will be your base of operations for this farming run. It’s easy to miss, so check out the below video for the exact location.

From the Site of Grace, look east to find a group of knights fighting a group of goblins. Ride up on them on horseback and start attacking the entire skirmish. Indiscriminately kill every last one of them to earn about 500 runes.

This site is easier than other higher yield grinding spots, making it a safe way to collect Runes. If you somehow die here, it’s also easy to run back and collect the Runes you’ve dropped.

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Run back to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace to cash in your Runes, and repeat.

Leveling up your Vigor and Endurance is a great way to get through some of the early game encounters. Vigor increases your health (so you die slower) and Endurance increases your stamina (so you can dodge and disengage).

Of course, increasing your combat potential is another way to make combat easier. Either way, there’s a way to respec your attributes later in the game if you want to swap your build around later