Genshin Impact 2.4: Should you wish for Shenhe or Xiao?

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After the success of the joint Albedo and Eula Banner in 2.3, it looks like double features are going to be the standard going forward in Genshin Impact. The first Event Wish Banner in 2.4 will feature the new Shenhe and the fan favorite Xiao. Now only one question remains: who do you want to Wish for?

This update is all about Liyue, celebrating the annual Lantern Rite with a buffet of Adepti Event characters. Let’s take a look at the first Banner featuring Shenhe and Xiao, and determine who is best for your account and playstyle. Of course, if you just like the character you should Wish for them.

Genshin Impact 2.4: Should you wish for Shenhe or Xiao?


Shenhe is a brand new Cryo Polearm user with skills that buff your other characters off field. She excels in buffing other Cryo characters, as her Elemental Skill triggers when Cryo damage is dealt. Her Elemental Burst deals Cryo damage and leaves behind a field that decreases Cryo and Physical resistance of enemies caught inside while dealing some further instances of Cryo damage.

Her passive talents buff Cryo even further, and her second Ascension talent gives a damage buff with Elemental Skill, depending on whether you press or hold it. This makes her even better with Cryo attackers, and gives her more general utility.

Shenhe seems like she’ll be great for Eula, as her Skills provide Eula with the Energy she needs while giving Cryo and Physical Resistance debuffs that Eula can take advantage of. Shenhe will also work well with on-field Physical attackers with Electro skills like Razor and Beidou who can take advantage of the further Resistance shred that Superconduct provides.

Her strengths lie in helping your other characters, but she doesn’t carve a new niche that can’t be solved with other similar Cryo supports like Chongyun or Rosaria. She’ll just be the best at it for some builds.


Xiao has a unique role in Genshin Impact that requires some building around. An Anemo Polearm user, Xiao excels at dealing massive amounts of AoE Anemo damage when in his Elemental Burst’s Yaksha mode. He can decimate large groups of enemies.

He has an interesting conundrum with his typing: Anemo is a Support element. You can’t Swirl Anemo. This limits his choice of Supports. Zhongli’s shield creates a space around the active character that reduces the resistance of enemies to that character’s Element. Anemo Traveler’s Constellation abilities also debuff Anemo resistance to enemies that are caught in their Burst.

You’ll also need an Anemo battery to supply a stream of particles to enable Xiao’s Burst. Any of the five-star Anemo characters (Jean, Venti, Kazuha, Anemo Traveler) can do it, but it’s best filled by Sucrose as she’s the best at off-field triggers. You also need a healer, as his Burst constantly drains him of health. Jean does double duty here.

Xiao’s choice of weapons is also limited, as all the free-to-play Polearms are poor on him. Most five-star Polearms will be great on him, and his four-star options are limited to the Item Shop’s Blackcliff Pole or the Battle Pass’s Deathmatch.

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Xiao’s strengths come from his consistent and high damage. His own damage scaling is enormous, so you won’t need to invest as heavily into his Supports. There’s the rub, as he needs very specific characters and weapons to shine. He’s not free-to-play friendly, but if you have the things he needs he’s phenomenal and utterly unique.