Genshin Impact 2.3: Should you wish for Albedo or Eula?

Genshin Impact 2.3 is upon us, and with it comes two re-run Banners in one for the first: Albedo and Eula. With two options, which character should you Wish for? Is this Banner worth wishing on at all? Let’s take a look at each of these characters and find out who you should choose in Genshin Impact 2.3.

Albedo or Eula? Who you should Wish for in Genshin Impact 2.3

This split Banner shares more than it sounds. It has the same featured four-star characters and will track Pity between them. The only difference is which event five-star you’ll hit when you do: Albedo or Eula. If you already care more about one character over the other, you’ll have fun with either choice.

However, if you’re waffling between the two, let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both Albedo and Eula to determine who is better for your account.


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Albedo is a Geo Sword user that excels in dealing off-field damage and providing support with his Elemental Skill, Abiogenesis: Solar Isotama. The Solar Isotama creates a field that deals Geo damage when you hit an enemy inside. Since this is Geo damage, it’ll create Shield Particles for you to defend yourself with.

If you need a way to generate shields, Albedo can do it while dealing a ton of damage. He needs very little investment, and is strong no matter what Adventure Rank you are.

Another strength of Albedo’s is his free-to-play friendliness. The new Cinnabar Spindle in 2.3 is designed for him, and is completely free for playing the event. Harbinger of Dawn is a three-star weapon that’s also great on Albedo.

As a support unit, Albedo doesn’t need specific other characters to pair with to be good. He’s great at helping your main attackers like Xiao or Hu Tao. He also has great synergy with other Geo characters, too.

You should roll for Albedo if you need more support characters, or need a reliable way to get shields. For a detailed look at Albedo, check out our full Ascension guide here.


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Eula on the other hand is an aggressive, selfish main attacker. She’s a Cryo Claymore user, but most of her damage is Physical. She needs some other support characters to help her out, and most of her potential is unlocked in later levels.

Eula’s biggest issue is her low energy yield. Her Elemental Burst can do some truly absurd numbers, but it’ll be hard to pull off reliably without the right team comp. Luckily, most of her preferred support characters aren’t necessary for other teams in case you’re building for Spiral Abyss.

You’ll want to have at least one Electro and one Cryo support for her, like Raiden Shogun, Fischl, Diona or Rosaria. The Superconduct reaction from using Raiden or Fischl’s coordinated attacks with Eula’s Skill will lower Physical resistance, and Diona and Rosaria will provide the Energy Particles Eula will need to get her Burst back as soon as possible.

You should wish for Eula if you’re at high World Level and need to take your damage up a notch, and if you already have the characters to support her. For a full look at Eula, check out our guide here.


No matter who you choose to Wish for, you’ll end up with some of the game’s best characters. Not only are both Event five-stars excellent units, but the four-star characters featured are as well.

Bennet is one of the game’s best support units that pairs well with either Albedo or Eula. Rosaria works great in Eula’s team, and the new Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set coming in 2.3 enables Noelle as a main DPS or as hybrid attacker/healer that Albedo pairs well with.