GameStop: PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch consoles in stock on Thanksgiving

If you’re hoping to get a PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch this holiday season or “Black Friday” (which is now basically the entirety of November), you may have to skip Thanksgiving dinner. While many retailers have opted to stay closed on Thanksgiving to give their workers time to spend with their families or loved ones, GameStop will open its doors during prime feasting hours.

GameStop will be open from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on Thanksgiving Day (November 25). What’s more, they will have a limited number of PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch console bundles in stock.

It’s unclear if these bundles will only be available in stores or if some will be made available online as well. Either way, expect them to sell out almost immediately. If you are planning on heading out to GameStop today, you’ll want to get there early as there will almost certainly be crowds and lines.

I’m not really a huge fan of opening on Thanksgiving Day as I see no real point to it. Anyone who is going to want to purchase a PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch today will still want to do so tomorrow. And with the chip shortage resulting in these consoles being sold out virtually everywhere, it’s not like GameStop will have to worry about losing business to a competitor.

There’s so much demand for all three of these consoles that they will undoubtedly sell out regardless of when they opened their stores. But I suppose if you eat early, or early, or not at all — maybe you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving — and are in search for a next-gen console, head over to GameStop’s website to search for a nearby store that will be open and have one of these bundles in stock. Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.