Black Friday 2021: Where to buy a Nintendo Switch

Black Friday is almost upon us and despite the Nintendo Switch being over four years old, it remains one of this year’s hottest items. But like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch availability has been constrained by the chip shortage.

Whether you’re heading into the stores or shopping online this year, finding a Nintendo Switch in stock will prove difficult. A quick search at some of the largest retailers have shown the console to be out of stock.

Although Nintendo announced the return of its Black Friday bundle featuring the Switch and a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe plus a three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership — all for $299.99 — it’s basically sold out everywhere.

Where to find a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

It’s possible some retailers will have a limited amount of Nintendo Switch consoles in stock at physical locations, but the easiest way to find one will be to shop online. Right now, it’s basically sold out everywhere but bookmark the pages, refresh frequently and hope to get lucky.

As of this writing, the Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundle is actually in stock and available at GameStop for $299.99. There’s also a bunch of refurbished and pre-owned consoles available.

Walmart encourages people to check for availability nearby, but also says the Switch Black Friday bundle will be in stores starting Friday, November 26, at 5:00 a.m. local time.

Best Buy has a landing page in which you can search for a nearby store to see if the Switch is in stock (so far nothing within 250 miles of me).

Amazon is sold out but promises more will be “in stock soon.” I was able to add the standard console to my cart with an estimated delivery between January 8-11, 2022. Maybe you can tell your kids Santa’s gift is delayed.

The official Nintendo website actually lists all of its different Nintendo Switch systems and along with the option to find a retailer. They’ve got the OLED White or Neon Blue/Neon Red models for $349.99, the standard Switch console, the Nintendo Switch Lite ($199.99). Most retailers are out of stock, but be sure to check the availability because you may get lucky.