Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to get Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi

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On October 8, 2021, the newest Pokemon movie, titled Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle, is coming to Netflix worldwide. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s absolutely not a complete rip-off of the plot from Avatar so don’t even say it.

Okay, maybe a little. Still.

In celebration, Game Freak is going to be giving out codes allowing people to get a free Shiny Celebi and a Dada Zarude, which is like the Zarude you may already have only with a scarf and Jungle Healing, an excellent move that can heal everyone in your party.

Also, it has the ability Leaf Guard which means that, as long as the sun is shining brightly on it, it can’t be affected by status ailments. So as long as the sun’s shining bright you don’t gotta worry about Dada getting poisoned, paralyzed, or put to sleep.

As for the shiny Celebi, it doesn’t come with any unique moves but it’s moves; Magical Leaf, Future Sight, Life Dew and Heal Bell pretty much make this thing pure support.

To do it, all you have to do is sign in or sign up for a Pokemon Trainer account over at the official Pokemon site. From there, head into your settings and make sure you signed up for the mailer. It’s at the bottom of your information, make sure the check is in the box for the thing to receive promotions.

You have to do it by September 25th, 2021, but as long as you do, keep checking your email and you should receive two codes by that date. You’ll get one for Dada Zarude and one for Shiny Celebi.

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Me, personally, I went ahead and set up three trainer accounts, one for me and one for each of my two kids, that way they can get the Pokemon as well.

Dada Zarude, in addition to the Jungle Healing move, also looks different. Much like the one from the movie, Dada Zarude wears a flag featuring Celebi’s Dex number as a cape.

The Shiny Celebi, if you’ve never seen one, is an adorable bright pink and is one of the most popular shiny legendaries since Mew turned Blue.

The Pokemon Company has also announced that when the movie comes out in October there will also be a tie-in event with Pokemon GO but, as of yet, no information has been released about what all that event holds.

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In the meantime, hurry up and make sure you’re signed up for the Pokemon Trainer Newsletter so you can get those free codes. 😀