Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Here’s what’s new in Season 1: Phalanx

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite is kicking off its first season today with additional content in the form of a new playable Class.

Season 1: Phalanx introduces the combat shield-wielding Phalanx class, which comes with 15-kit specific perks. Additionally, the new season features four new weapons — L59 Minigun, N79 Eva Laser, L33 Pike Rifle, and Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle. There are also new cosmetic rewards you can buy with in-game currency.

In addition to the free content, the first Endeavor Pass content is also available today. For those unfamiliar, the Endeavor Pass was included with the Deluxe Edition and offers four DLC packs that will be released throughout the year. The DLC in these add-ons are purely cosmetic.

Today, the Endeavor Pass: Wey-Yu Armoury has arrived, introducing two “Wey-Yu” themed armor skins for each class kit, four head accessories, four weapon colorways, four decals, four emotes, one consumable pack, one credit pack and one Challenge Card pack.

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The Standard Edition of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is available for $39.99, while the Deluxe Edition costs $69.99. Alternatively, there is an option to upgrade to the Deluxe by paying the difference in cost. Or, you can purchase the Endeavor Pass DLC individually for $9.99 each.

As of right now, we don’t know if Aliens: Fireteam Elite will offer additional post-launch content beyond the already announced cosmetics. The fact that the Phalanx Class release was associated with “Season 1” leads me to believe that follow-up seasons — presumably arriving with each DLC in the Endeavor Pass — will offer additional gameplay additions. Hopefully, we get some new modes or aliens to fight to help keep things fresh.

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I’d also like to see a more major expansion, even if it’s paid, that adds to the story. While it got a bit repetitive, I was a big fan of the campaign and would love to see it expanded on with new levels and such. The Aliens universe is rife for exploration and there’s tons of possibility here.