New PS5 and PS4 games coming in September 2021

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It’s a surprisingly busy month for PlayStation gamers. Looking ahead to September, there are multiple PlayStation exclusives, and quite a few intriguing games coming to the PS4 and PS5.

One of the most anticipated games is easily Deathloop. This PS5 exclusive (also coming to PC) is developed by Bethesda’s Arkane Studios — the talented developers behind the Dishonored series. In Deathloop, you play as Colt, an assassin who is stuck in a time loop on the mysterious island of Blackreef. Hunted by the island’s inhabitants and a rival assassin (Julianna), you must find a way to take out eight key targets and put an end to the timeloop that’s resulting in this endless cycle. If you fail, learn from our mistakes and try again, trying a new path and approach.

Deathloop is likely the final PlayStation 5 exclusive from Bethesda, which was recently acquired by Microsoft. It stayed a PS5-exclusive due to the contract in place, but other upcoming Bethesda’s titles, like Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, will almost certainly have some sort of Xbox exclusivity.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is another PS5 exclusive coming in September. A re-release of Hideo Kojima’s mind-bending action-adventure starring Norman Reedus, the Director’s Cut is the “definitive experience” with new content and enhanced gameplay features. There are new weapons, equipment and vehicles, as well as new modes, missions and areas to explore. There are also new online features such as Friend Play and Leaderboards.

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And for basketball fans, there’s NBA 2K22, the latest installment in 2K’s basketball sim. Bloober Team’s psychological horror The Medium — which was originally only available as a console exclusive on Xbox Series X|S — also makes its PS5 debut.

And, of course, we can’t leave out Diablo II: Resurrected, a full-fledged remake of Blizzard’s classic action-RPG. Although the graphics and cinematics have been completely reworked from the ground up for modern hardware, the classic gameplay remains the same (for better or worse).

Check out the full list of PS4 and PS5 games coming in September.

  • Demon Gaze Extra (PS4) – September 2
  • Kitara Fables (PS4, PS5) – September 2
  • WRC 10 (PS4, PS5) – September 2
  • Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions (PS4) – September 3
  • The Medium (PS5) – September 3
  • Chernobylite (PS4) – September 7
  • F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch (PS4, PS5) – September 7
  • Sonic Colors: Ultimate (PS4) – September 7
  • Toy Soldiers HD (PS4) – September 9
  • Life is Strange: True Colors (PS4, PS5) – September 10
  • Lost in Random (PS4, PS5) – September 10
  • NBA 2K22 (PS4, PS5) – September 10
  • Tales of Arise (PS4, PS5) – September 10
  • Deathloop (PS5) – September 14
  • Aragami 2 (PS4, PS5) – September 17
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS4, PS5) – September 21
  • Diablo II: Resurrected (PS4, PS5) – September 23
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut (PS5) – September 24
  • Lost Judgment (PS4, PS5) – September 24
  • Ghostrunner (PS5) – September 28
  • Lemnis Gate (PS4, PS5) – September 28
  • Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye (PS4) – September 28
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm (PS4, PS5) – September 29
  • Astria Ascending (PS4, PS5) – September 30
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (PS4, PS5) – September 30
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS4, PS5) – September 30
  • The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kisek (PS4) – September 30
  • Mary Skelter Finale (PS4) – September 30
  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina (PS4) – September 30

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Which games are you most looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments below!