Knockout City goes full Hollywood blockbuster with Heroes Limited Time Event

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Knockout City’s second season is all about the fight at the movies and, well, when it comes to today’s movies, nothing tops your superhero blockbusters. Knockout City is getting in on the superhero action with its mid-season 2 event.

Starting on Tuesday, August 31, Knockout City will introduce the Superpowers! Playlist. In this 3v3 playlist, players are granted a random super power every time they respawn.

There are seven unique super powers that you can spawn with:

  • Ballform Bounce – While in Ballform, bounce pads will Ultimate Throw you!
  • Charge-Up – Gain extra overcharge from catches and passes!
  • Tackle Strike – Tackle your opponents to deal damage!
  • Double Jump – Jump again in the air!
  • Healing Powers – Heal your hearts back over time!
  • Strength – Pick up opponents by tackling them!
  • X-Ray Vision – See and target players through walls!

Just looking at this list and watching the trailer, it looks like X-Ray Vision, Healing Powers and Charge-Up maybe the most desirable powers.

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In addition to the new gameplay mechanics, the Superpowers! Playlist will come with new cosmetics. By completing Hero Contracts and playing matches, you can earn Power Crystals to spend in the Hero Shop.

There are 14 unique Contracts, 13 of which will grant 75 Power Crystals each. The 14th and final Contract is Hero’s Journey, which is granted after you complete all previous 13 Contracts. This rewards you with the Atomic Powered Ultimate Hologram. Also available is the Hero Bundle for 2400 Holobux, which provides Legendary Items such as the V.I.P.E.R. Head, Captain KO Mask, Tech Gloves and Cybersuit.

As a reminder, Knockout City is currently free on PC through Amazon’s Games with Prime for the month of September.. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can grab it for free along with Sam & Max Hit the Road, Candleman The Complete Journey, Puzzle Agent, Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis, Tools Up!, and Unmemory.

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If you don’t have a Prime membership, you can actually download and play the level-capped free trial. On PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and PC, you can download and play Knockout City for free up to level 25 Street Rank before you must purchase the game. And as I’ve pointed out in my review, this is definitely a game worth trying out. It’s great to see it getting continued support post-launch.