Pokemon Unite mobile release date and two new Pokemon on the way

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On August 18, Nintendo dropped a new Pokemon Direct full of info about various projects. One of the things talked about was Nintendo’s Pokemon-based MOBA, Pokemon Unite. You can see it here starting at :23 if it doesn’t auto start there for you.

The highlight is the launch of the mobile version of the game, which will become available on September 22. It’s currently in pre-registration mode. There will also be cross-play and the ability to access yoru account from either device, so if you have a powerful thing going in the Switch version, you’ll be able to access your account from your phone as well.

In addition, two new Pokemon are also coming to the game in the next few weeks/months.

One of the two is Mamoswine. Because if there’s something Pokemon Unite needs it’s another meatwall. While not a lot of info is given, Mamoswine actually looks like it has the ability to pick up opponents and toss them, which is guaranteed to generate some slowdown for an opponent trying to flee. It also seems capable of charging as well.

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The second is Slyveon. While I’m surprised that this is the first Eeveelution to make an appearance in this game, I’m always down for Fairy type getting an attacker and Slyveon looks ready to do just that.

Just like Mamoswine, not much information was revealed about Slyveon; however, the gameplay footage shows it using a move that I can only assume is Dazzling Gleam which takes out three opponents standing around it all at the same time.

No official release date was given for either Pokemon but they did say these were the next two Pokemon in the works so that seems pretty cool.

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Just make sure that if you’re interested in snagging Pokemon Unite that you pre-register because if it’s anything like the version on the Switch, you’re going to probably encounter a nice bonus for doing so. Not only that but if enough people register (which, I promise, they will) everyone will not only receive Pikachu for free (sorry if you purchased it) but also a special outfit for it that looks like a Japanese festival attire. Not sure how chubby yellow boy pulls off deep blues and red so well but you go, boy.