Pokemon GO’s 5th Anniversary brings that Galar stank

Pokemon GO Remote Raid key art. Image Courtesy Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Remote Raid key art. Image Courtesy Pokemon GO /

This week brought forth a massive Pokemon Direct in which they covered dang near everything from updates to Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Cafe Mix to more info on the Diamond and Pearl remakes and the upcoming Legends Arceus.

They also talked about what’s going on with Pokemon GO‘s 5th-anniversary event. You can see it here at 4:45 if the video doesn’t automatically start there for you:

The event is getting Hoopa up to its old tricks again. Whatever those might be because, as of yet, Hoopa just kind of shows up, does some stuff and then bounces like the physical manifestation of game updates I feel it was not designed to embody.

In this particular one, it’s creating portals to the Galar region and bringing over some Pokemon from there. No, not that one. Nope. Not that one either. Nope, you’re getting Wooloo, the sentient cotton ball; Shwovet, who I have been on record stating is my least favorite Pokemon of all time; and Falinks who, bless it for trying.

These will be available in-game from August 20th to the 31st. Then they’ll either go back into the trash can or appear at a less frequent rate.

As for raids, Sword and Shield poster children Zacian and Zamazenta will be appearing during this time as well. Zacian will be appearing first in raids from August 20th through the 26th where it’ll then be tagged out by Zamazenta who will appear until the 1st of September.

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They also hinted at a Hoopa story which, man, wouldn’t that be nice to get a story about why that little jerk decided to steal the thunder from my girl Meloetta in her loading screen? I’m still salty about that mess.

If you recall, during the most recent event that ended with you getting Meloetta, Professor Willow let down players the world over by talking about how Hoopa has appeared and its portals were letting in all sorts of new Pokemon — only to immediately drop it and never bring it up again.

“Hey, there’s holes opening in the sky, and animals we’ve never seen are showing up. Hope that doesn’t distract us from this dope concert we want you to help us set up but never show you.” Classic Professor Willow, am I right?

Anywho, all this starts on the 20th and I’m kind of curious to see what clothing they add as they already decided to throw Sword and Shield clothing in there for free back when Sword and Shield first came out.