Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Promising new details revealed

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On August 18th, Nintendo came down from up on high and delivered unto us a nearly 30-minute Pokemon Direct that detailed updates from everything from Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Cafe Mix to the Pokemon games of the near future

One of the main attractions was an update on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, the remakes of 2006’s Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. You know, the games in which you fight Team Galactic and meet legendaries Palkia and Dialga.

Speaking of 2006, they also announced that there will be a new Nintendo Switch dropping with a similar art style to the special Onyx DS that released in 2006, featuring similar art of the two legendaries on the back. This is all coming along with the game on November 5th.

You can watch this part of the presentation at 6:00 if the video below doesn’t automatically start you there.

It looks like so many of the elements that I loved about Diamond and Pearl are going to be returning. Elements that I don’t understand why they got rid of in the first place.

Stickers can be placed on your Pokeball that, when opened, cause special effects to happen. Why just have your Pokemon drop out of a Pokeball when they could be joined by a shower of confetti, fireworks, or a laser light show? It allows you to add some flair to battles.

Another returning champion is the Secret Base aspect which allows you to create a home for yourself that you can customize however you want. These bases can also be found by other players online. In a feature I hope they kept, would allow you to make these rooms into a mini-gym where you can battle the owner.

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One cool thing they added to the Secret Bases though are the statues. These statues of Pokemon not only look cool but they tie into a new element called Pokemon Hideaways. These places that can be found underground are hidden grottos filled with Pokemon that you can’t normally find roaming around in the above-ground world. And the ones that show up are heavily dependent on what statues you have in your room. I kind of dig that.

They also revealed that Super Contest Shows have turned into something more akin to an all-at-once rhythm game instead of the bizarre card game that involved a ton of chance that the original had. This seems a lot more fun.

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You also have a lot more control over how your character appears in the world thanks to the fact that not only can you have any of your Pokemon walking with you as your journey but also the addition of Style Shops. These allow you to acquire new outfits for your horrifically stunted Funko Pop of a trainer.

Pre-orders are already getting underway for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl which release on November 5 for Nintendo Switch.