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It’s been quite a while since I’ve covered MARVEL Super War, Marvel’s first-ever MOBA game on mobile, but ever since NetEase and Marvel Games announced it would not be getting a global release, I naturally lost interest. Fast forward a year later, and the game is not only still around but flourishing. It remains wildly popular and people are still clamoring for a global release.

Anyway, what brought my attention back to this game was the announcement of the newest hero, Wolverine. The fan-favorite mutant will be joining the battle on August 12 and NetEase has finally shared his abilities.

Wolverine is part of the Fighter class, with most of his abilities providing some sort of attack boost and some form of health regeneration. He seems like a straightforward attacker, but beyond his health regen, his lack of CC and range, keeps him in check.

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His passive, Mutant Healing Factor, grants him Attack Speed, Attack and HP regen upon taking damage. His first ability, Battle Rampage, increases Movement Speed and Attack Speed while enhancing his next three basic attacks (his third attack launches up the garget). His second ability, Adamantium Slash, deals damage to nearby enemies and restores his HP.

His ultimate, Berserker Rage, increases his dual resistance and HP regent. Additionally, while in Berserker mode, his third attack of Battle Rampage, knocks down the target the deals bonus true damage.

Wolverine will undoubtedly be a popular pick in MARVEL Super War, but not because he’ll be overpowered. More than likely, it’ll be because he’s a fan-favorite character. Not only does his model look great in the game, but the voice is on spot as well.

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Wolverine is set to arrive in MARVEL Super War on August 12. Unfortunately, the game remains locked to only specific regions, so those of us in the U.S. are left out which is disappointing considering how many people I see that want to play this game.