New Pokemon Snap: How to catch Zeraora

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Nintendo not only surprised everyone by announcing that there would be free DLC for the New Pokemon Snap game, but also dropped it within a week of the announcement. This was pretty great as, by this point, everyone with the game has completely drained it of everything there is to find.

Then it came out and it completely blew me away with how much content the three stages held despite the fact that the stage I had the most hope for, in which you shrink smaller than a Wurmple and slide through the grass, was a claustrophobic nightmare.

With its three new stages and a slew of new Pokemon to discover, you probably didn’t even realize that there was a new legendary. Well, there is and it’s one of the newer ones, the Zeraora. Pretty hyped for this because while I don’t normally get into newer legendary designs, Zeraora looks fantastic. It’s one of my favorite designs in recent memory. But how do we get it?

We need to head over to the new “Barren Badlands” stage and you need to play it until you unlock the second level of Night. When the game starts, look off to the distance a bit to your left (scanning a bunch will help) and you should see Zeraora sleeping on the ground to the left of where the little ponds are.

Wake the poor kid up with a Fluffruit. The soon you can do it the more likely this will work so REALLY put some stank into it and throw it high. If you do it correctly it’ll get up and run.

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Then, off in the distance on the other side of the balancing stone is a Tyranitar. Normally if you wake it up early it knocks over a Crustle. If you wake it up too late it’ll come at you instead. But if you see Zeraora standing on the cliffs above you know you’re good to go for something new. Wake up the Tyranitor as early as possible with some creative Fluffruit tosses. If you did it correctly, instead of pushing Crustle over, it’ll instead knock it over with a Sandstorm attack that causes a massive tornado to swirl around it.

This will get Zeraora’s attention and he’ll drop down in a great superhero landing on the other side of the Crustle, protecting it from Tyranitar’s further attacks.

New Pokemon Snap: How to catch Zeraora
Nintendo /

Then this awesome scene happens in which Zeraora absorbs lightning via a bolt from the sky and proceeds to light up Tyranitar. Tyranitar does the Tyranitar equivalent and promises to be a good boy. I captured some of it here but the Switch is stingy with the size of video you can capture.

But that’s okay, you should really see this by doing it yourself. Capture Zeraora fighting or glowing, by the way. It’s not only a really easy 4-star picture to get but also getting a picture of both it AND the knocked-over Crustle complete two quests so you can knock out two quests in a minute.