Halo Infinite campaign spoilers leak in multiplayer tech preview

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The Halo Infinite tech preview kicked off this week, giving eager fans their first taste of what to expect in the highly anticipated game. The tech preview is mostly used as a way for 343 Industries to gather valuable feedback and data as it pertains to the various systems in place for multiplayer. However, it seems the tech preview also contains some spoilers for Halo Infinite’s campaign within it.

Halo Infinite creative director Joseph Staten revealed on Twitter that the team “unintentionally included a small number of Halo Infinite campaign files” within the tech preview build. It turns out these files contain actual spoilers.

I haven’t personally gone searching out for them, but The Verge does confirm the existence of a plaintext dump with over 800 strings of text related to Halo Infinite’s campaign.

"They seem to describe both your in-game objectives, and basic descriptions of the plot, all the way through the end of the story. (At least one of them literally describes a plot twist.)"

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Naturally, Staten and the rest of the team are disheartened that these spoilers have leaked as it can ruin the overall campaign experience for players. The best thing you can do if you want to avoid spoilers is to simply avoid actively looking for them. Of course, these days with social media, it’s very easy to stumble upon a random image or description in a tweet, so I would suggest taking advantage of Twitter’s muting options. I would mute any keywords related to Halo Infinite.

We’ve still got a few more months until Halo Infinite’s release, although Microsoft hasn’t announced an actual date. The last we heard, the game’s launch window has been narrowed to a few weeks during the holiday 2021 season.

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What’s confusing about this whole situation is that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is actually separate from the campaign. As confirmed during E3, the multiplayer will be free-to-play, while you’ll have to pay to access the campaign. Given that the two are separate, I wonder why the files were included within this technical preview to begin with, although, admittedly, I don’t know the first thing about the development process.