Apex Legends: Seer could help slow down the meta

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A new season of Apex Legends is coming. On August 3, Emergence, the battle royale’s tenth season, will go live and with it will come a new Legend, Seer.

Seer is kind of similar to Bloodhound in that he is an excellent tracker. However, how he hunts and track his opponents differs quite a bit and the more precise nature of how he gathers his information could ultimately change the meta.

After providing us with some background story on the newest legend, Respawn Entertainment fully revealed Seer during EA Play Live this past week. Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier provided a detailed breakdown on Seer’s abilities and what it could mean for the future of the game during Season 10.

Seer is a more stealth-oriented legend. His abilities are all about tracking enemies through precise and lingering information. Here’s a quick rundown of his abilities:

"Passive: When ADS, Seer has a heartbeat sensor that points toward enemy locations.Tactical: Seer sends out drones from his chest and will reveal and track enemies.Ultimate: Seer sends out hundreds of micro drones to create a sphere around an area that you choose. All enemies that are moving quickly within that space are tracked."

The Ultimate is, by far, the biggest game-changer here. As Grenier acknowledges, it will open up new gameplay experiences and ways to play. That’s because of how enemies are tracked within that sphere.

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The drones will only track and reveal an enemy’s location, via footsteps, if they are moving quickly within that space. So if you want to remain hidden, you’ll have to walk slowly.

Seer’s ultimate is especially useful late game as the ring gets tighter. We all know Apex Legends is a fast-paced game and oftentimes the end of a match can turn into a wild frenzy.

Seer’s sphere gives you a bit of an advantage as it could encompass a large portion of a smaller ring. So teams will have to play more slowly as to avoid being detected. If they run in guns-blazing, you’re going to be able to spot them and know their exact location.

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As someone who is generally one of these “slower” players who approaches the game more cautiously, Seer could help shift the meta of Apex Legends more towards my favor. I’m sure the game will remain fast-paced, but it seems there will be more of a strategic element at the end rather than just wild chaos.