Steam Deck: Nintendo Switch could be in great danger

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Since the Nintendo Switch has been released, there really hasn’t been any major handheld consoles that have come to contend with Nintendo. That will change with the arrival of Valve’s Steam Deck.  Based off of early expectations, if the Steam Deck does everything it says, it has the potential to really hurt the Nintendo Switch market.

If you don’t know what the Steam Deck is, it is basically a portable gaming PC, capable of playing any game you can think (minus Nintendo Switch titles, obviously). However, according to Valve, the possibilities and flexibility that someone would have on this new console will be endless.

Nintendo Switch isn’t going anywhere. After all, Nintendo is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and have such a huge following that the company will always be around. However, Nintendo can’t take the news of a competing handheld console lightly. Nintendo will definitely be tested and this is the first real handheld competition in a long time. Nintendo will have to make some tweaks and incentives that will keep gamers wanting to buy new Nintendo Switches and Nintendo games.

On the flip side, the hype for the Steam Deck is so massively high right now that it has everyone talking about it. Reserving one of these consoles is not going to be easy and all the desire to get one is going to surely cause delays. During the time that it takes for the Steam Deck’s to ship to customers, it gives time for Nintendo to make a big announcement if they choose to make one at all.

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2022 is going to be the battle of handheld consoles between two titans. In one corner, you have the Nintendo Switch that has built up a great reputation and has a great library of Nintendo games. There’s also the new OLED model that was recently announced.

The Nintendo Switch was groundbreaking in the gaming world with the ability to play it as a stationary console on the TV or on-the-go. In the other corner, you have a handheld console that will let you take your PC on-the-go and wants to take over the gaming industry as a step in the direction of the future of gaming.

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While I do not think the Nintendo Switch is going anywhere, I do think that Nintendo can’t just sit back and take the news of the Steam Deck releasing lightly. After all, nothing lasts forever and things eventually get stale so it will be up to Nintendo to try and make the next move in the handheld console battle!