Persona 6 should be set in America

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In the Persona games while you get money from defeating enemies, if you REALLY want to get money you’d put in work at a side job.

Again, I live in Ohio and Ohio is, unfortunately, a “right to work” state. If you’re unfamiliar with what that means, a “right to work” state means that an employer can fire you…for any reason. You could be going a great job and if your employer wants you gone so they can bring in a friend of theirs your work will not protect you. You’re just done.

Now, I’m not saying your character in Persona is a good employee. In fact, I don’t care how many floral studies you pulled before working at the flower shop, you are a bad employee. Try pulling this thing where you expect to be employed by two or three different places where you can come in and work a shift as you please. Good luck, son.

If you miss a shift, they’re gonna no-call/no-show your ass out as soon as they can. Though, if you ignored a request to come in a cover an extra shift, you’ll probably be right at home at Gamestop because holy hell my coworkers would never pick up their phone and actually do it. Unless your name was Chris. Chris was a good boy.

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Regardless, this would be a big change for Persona. If you got a job they would tell you what day/days you had to come in and you HAVE to do it that day. You don’t get the option to do something else. If you accepted that job and they said every Thursday you had to work you will automatically go in and do a shift that day. If there’s an event that might happen that day you either miss it or you quit. Period.

All of these changes (and so much more) could create an amazingly different Persona world which I would dive into in a heartbeat. I think the first Life is Strange game really showed how fleshed out you could make places like these. A junkyard by a railroad track. A diner. It can be done.

What changes do YOU think would also appear in a Persona game that takes place in America? Would the mascot character be a squirrel? Would the “beach day” fan service take place in a beyond capacity public pool? Would you have to use a car since there’s no subway? What do you think?