Madden 22 Dual Entitlement: Free next-gen upgrade explained

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Madden 22 was officially revealed this week and although the game isn’t launching until August, pre-orders are now available. Similar to Madden NFL 21, EA will be offering its Dual Entitlement program with Madden 22.

For those unfamiliar, Dual Entitlement is a program that allows you to to upgrade your copy of Madden NFL 22 from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S at no additional cost. Whereas Dual Entitlement for Madden 21 was offered for any version of the game, EA is restricting this promotion to the two special edition versions of Madden 22. And unfortunately, this doesn’t include the Standard Edition version of the game.

Before we get into Dual Entitlement, let’s talk about pricing. Madden 22 will cost $69.99 on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. EA isn’t the only publisher to up the cost of its games on next-gen but it’s also worth pointing out that Madden 22 does offer exclusive next-gen features. The Standard Edition Xbox One and PS4 last-gen versions of Madden NFL 22 still cost $59.99.

Now here’s the catch, Dual Entitlement doesn’t apply to the regular edition of the game. It’s only offered for the MVP Edition ($99.99) and Dynasty Edition ($119.99). These also include a slew of digital goodies as well.

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What remains unclear is what happens if you buy the standard edition of Madden 22 for Xbox One or PS4 and want to upgrade in the future. Will you have to purchase the game all over again at full price on next-gen? Or will EA allow you to simply pay the difference in cost? Most publishers offer a $10 upgrade fee to go from last-gen to current-gen. I suspect this will be the case for Madden NFL 22 as well, but it isn’t confirmed.

If you do opt to take advantage of Dual Entitlement for Madden 22, it’s pretty straightforward. Purchasing the digital version of either the MVP or Dynasty Edition on Xbox One or PS4 will grant you a digital copy of the full game on Xbox Series X|S or PS5. If you pre-order it physically, you will get a single-use code in the box that provides a digital copy of the game on next-gen as well.

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