Fortnite Season 7: The most overpowered weapon to use in Arena

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If you all are wondering that the secret to winning Fortnite Arena matches is the newly introduced Rail Gun or Recon Scanner, then you might be up for a big surprise. It’s quick, it’s fast, and it’s rapid; it’s the Rapid Fire SMG.

The Rapid Fire SMG was first introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. With the highest DPS of 255 and reload speed in Fortnite, this gun has sent players back to their lobbies in less than a second. It has a magazine size of 20, which can be emptied within 1.33 seconds; that’s fast.  If you didn’t know this, I really want to see the rock you’ve been living under.

For a low-ping player, rapid-fire SMG can do wonders. The bullets can leak through walls, even when the opposition is turbo building. Such is the doom of this gun.

With the introduction of Fortnite season 7, Epic introduced a new set of ammunition like the beckoning Rail Gun and Recon Scanner. They definitely grabbed everyone’s attention as they added a new turn to the game.

Since Epic removed the Rail Gun and Recon Scanner from Fortnite Competitive and Arena. It began a quest for the pro players to find the next overpowered weapon, an easy way to win Arena matches, and this is where their search ended.

For a player who can strafe well, Rapid Fire SMG is a must-have in their loadout. Rapid Fire SMG can only be obtained by sidegrading the Submachine Gun using an Upgrade Bench.

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It is ideal to pair this gun with a shotgun, but a few players like to abuse the prowess of this weapon. It’s totally up to the player, whether they want to pair or give it a solo run.

Given that the Rapid Fire SMG can only be obtained by sidegrading the Submachine Gun, it’s super-rare in the game. Forget the Rapid Fire, finding a P90 is ultra-rare in games. The only way you can secure a Gold Rapid Fire SMG every game is by upgrading a Common Submachine Gun to a gold P90 and then sidegrading it. But again, to upgrade to a gold P90, it’ll cost you a bajillion gold, at least 2000.

It’s not just me who recommends it; one of the top content creators of Fortnite, Sypher PK, is a huge admirer of this gun. All I can say is give it a try; you might be the next Bugha. Who knows?

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That was all for today. Let me know in the comments if you feel the same or have you found your overpowered gun in Arena. Good luck fragging!