Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass system should become the norm

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During E3, Microsoft and 343 Industries gave us our first look at Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer while also confirming it will be free-to-play. Naturally, this means it will be supported by a battle pass system.

This, of course, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Seasonal battle passes that feature unique cosmetics are now the norm in most multiplayer games.

However, 343i is doing something unique with its Battle Pass system in Halo Infinite, revealing to IGN that they will never expire. This is in contrast to most other games, like Fortnite, where the battle pass expires at the end of a season and you can no longer unlock any of the cosmetics within it. The site reports:

"If you run out of time before a new battle pass is available, you can just keep working away at your current battle pass until it is completed, or you want to swap to a new one."

As a husband and father of two toddlers that juggles a full-time job, multiple freelance gigs, and the chores that come with homeownership, this is music to my ears. I love the idea of the battle pass in games, but I had the time constraints normally associated with them. I hate the pressure they come with — having to focus only on a single game to grind through (usually) 100 tiers worth of cosmetics.

I like to play games casually and at my own pace. I also have a huge backlog of games that I’ve yet to play that I’d like to. A timed battle pass with daily and weekly quests usually means I have to focus solely on that one game, which stinks for someone who would like to play multiple titles.

Fortnite has somewhat alleviated the problem, by allowing you to unlock the cosmetics of your choosing within the battle pass. So if you don’t have time to grind through the entire battle pass, you can at least unlock the cosmetics you like the most.

In addition to the never expiring battle pass, IGN also confirmed that you’ll be able to buy old battle passes.

"So if you’ve not played in a while but there were rewards in a battle pass from a few months ago that you’d like to unlock, you can buy that battle pass and start working on it."

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Again, this is in contrast to how most other games operate. Usually, when a season ends, the battle pass is gone for good and you are no longer able to earn those cosmetics. This creates a sense of FOMO for many and pressures them into purchasing the battle pass at the start of a season. It’s honestly a smart strategy from a business point of few, but it’s also somewhat exploitative.

Another cool thing 343i is doing with Halo Infinite’s battle pass is giving you the ability to choose where your XP goes. You’ll be able to swap between battle passes while earning XP.