Sonic Colors: Ultimate remaster coming this September


SEGA has big plans for the Blue Blur and at least some of those plans involve bringing back some older titles. During this week’s first-ever Sonic Central livestream event, SEGA announced Sonic Colors: Ultimate, a remaster of the beloved 2010 platformer that originally released for Nintendo DS and Wii.

I don’t know if I’d call Sonic Colors a classic, but it is one of the best in the series. It received generally favorable reviews with critics praising its graphics and animation as well as its gameplay, which brilliantly intertwined speed with platforming. The shift from third-person to side-scrolling was particularly well done.

Sonic Colors was the first game in the series to introduce the Wisps. These creatures grant power-up abilities to Sonic, expanding the platforming and action potential of the game without forcing players to switch to other characters. Wisps have since become a staple in the Sonic franchise.

Blind Squirrel Games is handling the remaster and it couldn’t be in better hands. The studio also worked on BioShock: The Collection and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, so they’ve definitely got the experience behind them.

In addition to the usual graphical and gameplay improvements that come with a full remaster, SEGA teased “new features” as well. Perhaps it will expand upon the game’s multiplayer, as the original featured a co-operative two-player mode, Eggman’s Sonic Simulator,.

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Fans can embark on this intergalactic journey once again when Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches on September 7.  It will be available both digitally and physically on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with a digital-only release on PC. It will also be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S through backward compatibility.

There’s a physical retail version available for pre-order for $39.99 that includes an exclusive Baby Sonic Keychain. The Digital Standard edition also costs $39.99 and has a Sonic Movie Boost, which is an electric boost and aura inspired by the recent movie, as well as exclusive player icons. The Digital Deluxe version is priced at $44.99 and comes with early access on Friday, September 3 as well as an Ultimate Cosmetic Pack and Ultimate Music Pack.

More details on Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be shared “soon.” Summer Game Fest is right around the corner and SEGA has already confirmed it will be attending with a special preview of its planned live orchestra event celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary on June 23. Perhaps we’ll also learn more about Sonic Colors: Ultimate.