The Last of Us Part II is now playable at 60FPS on PS5

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The Last of Us Part II is already a visually stunning and captivating game that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. But what if I told you it looks even better now? A new update for the PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us Part II has made the game playable at 60 FPS.

The Last of Us Part II was already playable at 30 FPS, but now the option for 60 FPS is available. This new option can be found in the display options menu where you can toggle which settings you would like to play the game at. The PlayStation 5 is obviously a console that is way more powerful than the PS4 Pro. And even the PS4 Pro struggles with certain games at 30FPS. The PS5 is much more capable. Digital Foundry has actually gotten to test The Last of Us Part II and has said that throughout a whole 8 hour period of video gameplay, the frames only dropped once to 57 FPS. 57 FPS is still well beyond the capacity of what a PS4 can do and that drop in frame rates only occurred once for reasons unknown.

This is not only big news for The Last of Us Part II, but this is big news for the PlayStation 5 in general. The PlayStation 5 is a console that is supposed to be very powerful that has the capability of outmatching its previous consoles and this proves that it can do just that.

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The Last of Us franchise is going to be around and talked about for a while. The franchise is a huge moneymaker for Sony and it being a PlayStation exclusive makes it even more valuable to Sony. That being said, you never know what else we will see out of this franchise on PlayStation 5 in the future. The Last of Us Part III has an outline written, but that’s about all that can be said about that.  There were also recent rumors that a PS5 version of The Last of Us would be making its way to PS5, but at the moment there is no new word on that.

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If you haven’t done so already, go update The Last of Us Part II and try out the game in 60 FPS. That is the only true way to get a feel for what all the hype is about. After playing the game in 30 FPS and then playing in 60 FPS, you will see how much of a difference it makes.