Legends of Runeterra is finally adding Champion Skins

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Anyone who has played League of Legends is quite familiar with the extensive amount of skins players can purchase for champions within the game. As a free-to-play title, it’s how Riot Games initially made a lot of its money, although I’m sure now that it’s a premiere esport they’ve got plenty of other sources.

Even though champion skins are probably no longer a main revenue source for the game, they are a core part of the League of Legends experience. It’s more than just a cosmetic purchase at this point. Now there are entire events and lore associated with skin lines. They are also a fun way to express yourself and keep things fresh.

The personalization that champion skins allow for is one of the main reasons it has been such a popular request for Riot’s spinoff, Legends of Runeterra. And finally, Riot is delivering.

With patch 2.8.0, Legends of Runeterra will be adding Champion skins. Players will be able to equip a champion with a skin which in turn will alter the art for all copies of each of that champion’s levels. In some instances, the skins will even change the appearance of a champion’s summoned units and provide new level-up animations.

To kick things off, the first set of Champion skins will be based on League of Legends’  Cosmic Skin and Dark Star skin lines. Only four champion skins will be available with patch 2.8.0, although it sounds like Riot has plans to add to this.

The first four champion skins are:

Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo

Legends of Runeterra - Cosmic_Yasuo_Level02_1920x1080
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Cosmic Exile Riven

Legends of Runeterra - Cosmic_Riven_Level02_1920x1080
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Dark Star Zed

Legends of Runeterra -
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Dark Star Shyvana

Legends of Runeterra -
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Unfortunately, only Dark Star Zed and Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo have new level-up animations. It’s a little disappointing that each character’s skin doesn’t have this because the ones that do look freaking awesome. Obviously, the big question surrounding these skins is just how much they’ll cost for players, but we won’t have to wait too much longer.

More information on champion skins for Legends of Runeterra will be shared when patch 2.8.0 drops on May 19.  Riot has already confirmed that additional skins will be released “regularly” throughout the year. Another big question is whether or not these skins will also be released in League of Legends, and I’m willing to bet they will be at some point.