Marvel’s Avengers: Champion System will further boost your Hero power

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Marvel’s Avengers has been out for almost a year now and if you’ve played consistently since its launch, odds are you’ve already hit max level with multiple Heroes in the game. Currently, once you reach the max level cap of 50 with a Hero in Marvel’s Avengers, any additional XP you earn is wasted. There’s no point in earning it as it doesn’t boost your power in any way — at least for now.

On May 18, that will all change with the introduction of the Champion System.

Crystal Dynamics recently outlined what the Champion System actually is and, in short, it’s basically a system that gives you purpose to keep playing a Hero beyond the level 50 cap.

The Champion System offers players a way to continue to improve their Heroes’ combat power. Once you hit level 50, any XP you earn thereafter will count as Champion XP.

Champion XP will go towards your Champion Level, which is marked on your nameplate. As you increase your Champion Level, you’ll earn Combat Skill Points which can be used to unlock additional Champion Skills. These offer you additional combat bonuses like boosts to your damage, Perk chance activation, Heroic charge rate, and more.

Champion XP and Champion Levels are specific to each Hero, so you’ll have something to work towards with each Hero once you get them to Level 50.

Crystal Dynamics gave us a sneak peek at the Champion Skills. As you can see, there are four trees: Combat, Tactical, Utility and Defensive Boosts. Each tree has 15 different Boosts that presumably require an increasing amount of Champion Skill Points. A boost in the third row, for example, costs four Champion Skill Points, so you’ll have to grind quite a bit.

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It doesn’t sound like there’s a limit on your Champion Skill Level, so I assume you’ll be able to unlock every boost in time. These are permanent increases though and there’s no re-speccing your Champion Skills right now, so you’ll have to choose wisely at first.

In the long run, Champion Skill Level doesn’t only increase your drive to play and further boost your Hero, but could also help prepare you for “some of the hardest content” that’s still slated to come to Marvel’s Avengers later this year and beyond.

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This sort of system is something I’d have liked to see implemented at the launch of the game, but it’s still nice to see Crystal Dynamics actively working to make Marvel’s Avengers a better game. I’m excited to see what else the developer has planned for the game. The Champions System will go live on May 18.