How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition for $15

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Bad news for owners of the Xbox Game Pass. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will not be making its way onto it as of now.

However, if there is any good news to take away from this, it is that the game has officially been released and there is even a way you can play it for $15. In order to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will need EA Play Pro.

EA Play and EA Play Pro are obviously different for their own specific reasons. First off, if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you also have EA Play included with that subscription. With the EA Play subscription that comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get access to the EA Play library. Not only that, but you also save 10% on purchases of EA digital content including game downloads, Season Passes, points packs and DLC. Those perks are nice and all, but that won’t score you a free copy of Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

For $15 a month you can subscribe to the highest tier of EA Play which is EA Play Pro. Subscribers of this service can play Mass Effect Legendary Edition as soon as today just for being a subscriber. You also get access to every edition those games on EA Play have to offer. You don’t just have to settle for the standard version of any of the games, which is a massive perk.

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There is one major con to EA Play Pro that can potentially be a deal-breaker for many gamers. EA Play Pro is only available to gamers on PC via Origin. That limits the number of users that can access its service since it isn’t available to any PlayStation or Xbox players. If EA Play Pro was made available to console gamers as well, I can almost guarantee you that there would be a very high boost in subscriptions.

So, if you are a PC gamer who already is subscribed to EA Play Pro, congratulations you now own Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you are a PC gamer who wants to try out the game without fully buying it, you can subscribe to EA Play Pro now and play the game for $15 a month and cancel your subscription at any time. If you are a console gamer who wants to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition then you will have to pay the standard, full price of $59.99.

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Regardless of which road you decide to drive down, the game is most likely going to be worth your while. Early reviews for the game have made this the highest-rated video game of 2021. For a franchise that has always been a fan favorite in the video game world, Mass Effect Legendary Edition should not disappoint you and would be a great video game in any gamer’s library.