Call of Duty: Warzone’s new weekly playlist update and bug fixes

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Call of Duty: Warzone tends to release weekly updates to their playlists so that there are always new game modes coming and going from the game. It is a way to keep the game new without having to make any major changes. This weekly update added two new game modes to Warzone while also removing two at the same time.

The two game modes that were added in this weekly update are Verdansk – Mini Royale Quads and Plunder – Blood Money Duos. The addition of these two game modes will sure keep gamers busy. Unfortunately, when game modes are added, other game modes tend to leave the game. That’s just how it usually works.

This week’s game mode casualties saw the removal of Plunder – trios and Rebirth Island – Mini Royale Quads. These game modes may return in the future, but for now, we have to say goodbye to them. If you are someone who has enjoyed playing Rebirth Island then do not worry Resurgence Quads is still in the game for now. The Resurgence game modes have been very popular and are most likely the reason why this was not removed in the weekly playlist update.

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Along with the weekly playlist update, there were also bug fixes that rolled out that helped fix a lot of in-game problems. One major fix that occurred that gamers are ecstatic about is the recent gas mask glitch. The gas mask glitch allowed gamers to use the gas mask indefinitely so that players were able to hide out in the gas and not take any damage. That glitch is now a part of the past as no one can perform it anymore. This glitch allowed players to get unfair wins and advantages that made the game less fun for people who played by the rules.

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I’m sure these weekly playlist updates aren’t going to be going away anytime soon. So, if there is a game mode that you were hoping to see make a return, don’t give up on it. It may appear in a future playlist update down the line!