Knockout City is hosting a massive Block Party at launch

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Knockout City is set to launch next Friday, May 21, and developer Velan Studios is kicking it off with a huge in-game Block Party.

True to their word, Velan Studios will be offering a free trial for Knockout City. The 10-day trial will coincide with the Block Party celebration during the launch of the game. Servers are slated to go live at 8:00 a.m. EDT/5:00 a.m. PDT.

For the entire length of the Block Party, Knockout City will be completely free to everyone. There are no pre-order or subscription service requirements and it will be available on all platforms that the game launches on. This also isn’t your typical gated access demo with a level cap or other restrictions; this is access to the full game, including Contracts, Playlists and more.

The Block Party entails more than just free access to the game. It’s an entire in-game event filled with special cosmetics and bonuses. During the Block Party, you can earn up to 500 more Holobux and Season 1 XP boost while blasting through the four Playlists that will be available (Team KO, Diamond Dash, Party Team KO, and Face-Off).

As I mentioned, the Block Party runs until May 30. This will technically give players access to Season 1 of Knockout City, which launches four days after the game’s release on May 25th.  Seasons 1’s theme is “Welcome to Knockout City” and will introduce a new location, new Contracts to complete, new Playlists to conquer (a total of eight to play throughout Season 1), and League Play.

If you decide to purchase Knockout City during the Block Party event, you’ll receive additional bonus content in the form of the Block Party Bundle, which includes an outfit, hairstyle, glasses, glider, intro pose, KO Effect, player icons and 500 Holobux.

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News of the Block Party comes just weeks after it was announced that Knockout City will launch on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass. Basically, anyone who is a subscriber of either service will be able to play Knockout City for free. As I mentioned before, this was an incredibly smart business move to ensure that Knockout City has a huge player base from the start.

Let’s be honest, for as fun as Knockout City looks, it’s also going to be a niche title. It’s clearly a budget-priced game, costing only $19.99. But even with the fair price point, convincing consumers to purchase a game like this through a trailer alone can prove difficult. The best kind of marketing is to just let them play it right out of the gate and let the game sell itself. Once again, I applaud this move as it gives Knockout City the best chance for success at launch.