FIFA 21 is coming to EA Play on consoles and PC this week

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Over the past few weeks, Electronic Arts has been adding the latest installments of their annual sports titles to EA Play. In March, EA Play members received access to Madden 21. In April, NHL 21 skated onto the subscription gaming service. For May, we are getting FIFA 21, the latest in EA Sports’ soccer video game franchise.

On May 6, FIFA 21 will be added to EA Play. Members on PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC will be able to play the game.

This will be the complete game will full access to all of the features and modes of FIFA 21 — as if you owned it.  To celebrate the launch on EA Play, members will also get access to exclusive in-game challenges rewards and special content for FIFA Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL.

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Seeing as how it’s coming to all platforms, this hopefully means that those playing on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will get the native next-gen version of FIFA 21 and not just the last-gen version.

With FIFA 22 expected to be revealed in the coming weeks and release later this year, it’s not surprising to see FIFA 22 arrive on EA Play. EA typically adds its sports titles to the subscription service right as they gear up for the reveal of their newest version.

Still, we’ve got months to go before the actual release of FIFA 22, which will likely be in October so there’s plenty of time to enjoy FIFA 21 and all that it offers. And remember, EA Play also includes access to a larger catalog of EA-published games even beyond the sports titles. Need for Speed Heat, Battlefield V and many other titles can be played with a single subscription to EA Play, which also provides discounts and early access to new releases as well.

Look out for FIFA 21 to arrive on EA Play on May 6.