Warframe Devstream #154 recap: Corpus Lich system, Yareli, and more

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At the end of every month, the usual Warframe Devstream crew come together and chat about the upcoming content coming to the game. With this past April 30th stream (Devstream #154), they went over some rather interesting news about the long-awaited Corpus Queenpin/Lich system as well as teasing the next Warframe, and new items to get your hands on.

First off, Ember will be getting her second deluxe skin. Soon to follow will be for Revenant. Both designs were created by a fellow Warframe fan and freelance artist, Debby Sheen. It’s nice to see artists on the internet have their works recognized and even implemented into the games they like. Kudos to her and I hope to see more amazing works of hers making it into the game.

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Other bits of content coming to the game are additional Railjack improvements which is always nice to see. This mode is in a way better place than it was over a year ago and hopefully it’ll be optimized to be as seamless as possible. Along with these improvements are more Syndicate offerings.

Teshin, the Steel Path NPC, will be expanding his offerings store. He’ll be offering Riven Ciphers and the Warframe China-exclusive weapon— the Cadus! Riven Ciphers will definitely be the more sought out item here. Some Riven mod challenges are annoying to deal with and in my personal case as a max ranked player, my friends hand me their rivens so I can beat the challenges for them. What these Ciphers do is bypass the challenge and automatically unlocks a riven. It’s definitely a neat idea and helps reduce the grind. These sorts of items are good for grindy games like Warframe because it gives players alternatives.

Other syndicate offerings will be in the forms of our own selectable six syndicates like the Red Veil or Arbiters of Hexis. These types of syndicates are home to a plethora of Warframe augment mods, signature syndicate weapons, archwing weapon parts, and relic packs. However, the team at Digital Extremes are going to implement syndicate-specific emotes and armor sets for each! As of now, it only seems like emotes will be tradable, but it’s nice to see this system getting some more attention.

The meat and potatoes of the information, though, comes from the talks about Update 30.5— Sisters of Parvos.

Warframe 30.5 Sisters of Parvos
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Warframe Update 30.5 — Sisters of Parvos

Judging from the name of the update and confirmed by the Devstream team, the Corpus Queenpins are officially titled the Sisters of Parvos. They are essentially the Corpus equivalent of the Grineer Kuva Liches. At launch, they’ll have about nine “Granum” variant weapons that are all Corpus-themed. While none have been shown yet, it was stated that the Flux Rifle and the very popular Arca Plasmor will be getting Granum variants.

Existing weapons with prefixes or suffixes like the Kuva Tonkor or Karak Wraith usually have altered stats, and more often than not, increased base stats like Primed weapons. I expect there will be a healthy shift in the meta. Maybe something can finally dethrone the very controversial Kuva Bramma. Who knows?

Assuming that the system will be nearly the same as the Lich system, the Granum variants of weapons will have the elemental boost based on the progenitor Warframe’s type and have the ability to reach rank 40 with 5 forma. I’m also going to assume that there will be a vanquish or converting system upon completing the requiem pattern for the Sisters of Parvos. This means that converted Sisters will be able to be crewmates in a railjack, can be traded for a specific elemental roll percentage, and have new ephemeras to collect from.

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The Sisters and how they attack will be a bit different than Liches who randomly pop up in murmur missions. Much like the infamous Alad V and his Zanuka, the Sisters will send out their “hounds” to fight the players in their hunts for murmurs. Their appearances are similar to Zanuka’s, but they will be sporting the progenitor Warframe’s helmet as their head. It’s like how Kuva Liches wear the progenitor frame’s helmet as a shoulder pad. It also seems like the hounds can be acquired as pets like Kubrows and MOA companions, which I am all for. Hopefully they will have some unique and practical uses.

Additionally, with the Sisters bringing in several new or upgraded weapons, Kuva Liches are going to have three more acquirable weapons in the drop tables! These weapons are the Kuva Hek, Kuva Zarr, and Kuva Grattler. With void storms being the big new thing from Update 30, there will also be more and new weapon parts rewards in the mission type’s drop tables. This will help give more incentives to players who have already gotten all or most of the drops in these mission variants.

Finally, we got a sneak peek at the 47th Warframe— Yareli. Her concept was created by another freelance artist, Matias Tapia. What this Warframe’s kit will consist of is to be determined, but her design looks very jellyfish-like and somewhat reminiscent of Hydroid. She’ll most likely be included in the 30.5 update alongside the Sisters of Parvos.