Genshin Impact: Electro buff finally to come

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In the latest Developers Discussion, miHoYo announced that Electro reactions will be buffed in a future update. Players have been vocal about Electro’s inefficiencies since Genshin Impact released, and miHoYo will finally fix the issue.

Genshin Impact: Electro buff finally to come

What was the problem? The Electro reactions- Overloaded, Superconduct and Electro-Charged- are known as “transformative reactions”. It also includes Swirl and Shatter. The damage scales with your character’s level and not your attack stat. It’s only affected by your own Elemental Mastery and the enemy’s Resistance.

The other reactions- Melt and Vaporize- are “amplifying reactions”. They replace the damage of the attack that triggers the reaction and scale off the damage of the attack that set it up.

While Melt and Vaporize have a lower damage bonus than the Electro reactions, they have a higher potential damage since they’re based on Attack and not Level.

Currently, Electro reactions scale poorly with most character builds. It’s not advised to raise your units to the maximum Lv 90 due to the high investment it takes to get the last 10 levels, and most support units don’t even need to be ascended to the max. Even at Lv 90, there’s only so much damage you can do. With some exceptions, you’ll hit diminishing returns by maxing them out.

A buff would make fan favorites like Keqing and Fischl more viable in high-level play. Ironically, Keqing and Fischl’s best builds are Physical DPS.

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It’s not yet confirmed when the buff will happen, but miHoYo tends to keep their cards close to the chest.  The proposed changes are already in the 1.6 beta, so we could expect them to happen in the next update.

The buff will be a general damage buff for transformative reactions. According to miHoYo, damage from these reactions will be increased after a character hits Lv 60. In addition, the damage bonus from Elemental Mastery will be increased, making that stat potentially more desirable in Reaction-heavy teams.

Geo gets a surprising buff snuck in as well: Crystallize shields will have higher durability. Shields were already considered to be pretty good, especially if you had a defense-oriented character like Zhongli or Noelle.

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