Hood: Outlaws & Legends reveals ambitious post-launch plans

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A few days ago, I wrote about how Sumo Digital’s upcoming game Hood: Outlaws & Legends could become one of next month’s surprise hits. If you’re like me, and already excited for the multiplayer action/stealth heist game, you’re going to love what Suo Digital and Focus Home Interactive have planned post-launch.

In a video today, the post-launch and year one plans for Hood: Outlaws & Legends were detailed. Included in these plans is a mix of free and paid-for content in the form of free updates, events and seasonal battle passes.

The video revealed four seasons already planned for Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Litha, Samhain, Yule and Ostara. Presumably, these seasons will encompass the first year of the game.

Accompanying these seasons will be free updates that include new characters, maps, game modes, events and more. Each season will also have its own individual battle pass loaded with exclusive cosmetics to unlock. If you buy the Year 1 Edition, you’ll get these battle passes for free. Otherwise, I assume you’ll be able to purchase them individually.

Season 0: Litha is the first season that I assume will serve as the launch season. Given that the Year 1 Edition only includes three battle passes, perhaps this season’s battle pass will be free for everyone who buys the game.

The first new map, Mountain, will arrive shortly after the game’s launch. It was teased a little in today’s video.

"Made up of two distinct areas connected by bridges, the mix of long sightlines and tight, coverless overpasses make Mountain a fresh, deadly challenge."

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Other things coming with Season 0: Litha is a limited-time community event and a new game mode “that puts the emphasis on bloody action.” Looking even further down the road, another new Outlaw, Eidaa, will be added to the game for free. Specific details weren’t shared yet but  she will supposedly have “heist-changing abilities.”

As a game that’s primarily competitive multiplayer, the long-term success of Hood: Outlaws & Legends will likely depend on how it’s supported post-launch. The release of new maps, modes and Outlaws will be key for keeping players engaged. I’m personally hoping that some future plans include straight PvE experiences as not all of my friends are keen on player versus player. Hood: Outlaws & Legends seems like a nice mix in that it throws in NPC enemies as well, but sometimes we just prefer the challenge without the stress of competing against other human players.