Call of Duty: How to become a zombie in Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone is heading towards Season 3. Warzone Season 2 is currently in progress, but things have started to get strange throughout this season. Zombies have been invading the Verdansk map and gamers have been able to fight them off while they play the Battle Royale game.

Many rumors as of late have stated that the Verdansk map is set to be nuked that will change the map forever and all of this weird stuff may be pointing in the direction of those rumors being true. To make matters even worse, there are now two locations on the map that are marked in red with nuclear symbols on them. The two locations that are marked off in red and nuclear are Shipwreck and Prison. This can also be foreshadowing a possible nuking in the future.

Players have been finding out that due to these highly toxic locations, they can not only fight the zombies, but they can also turn into a zombie as well. However, if you want to turn into a zombie you can’t do it in a solos game.

How do you turn yourself into a zombie in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Turning yourself into a zombie is actually really simple and does not require a lot of work. As I mentioned previously, there are two locations that are marked off in red with a nuclear symbol on the Verdansk map. If you head over to these two areas of the map, you can tell that there is this green-looking toxic gas surrounding these areas. If you try to enter these areas it will begin to hurt your player and you will begin to lose health, similar to being outside the main circle as it slowly becomes smaller. The only difference is if you get killed by this nuclear green gas in these marked-off locations, you will be respawned back immediately as a zombie. That is it. It is that simple to do.

Cons of becoming a zombie.

When you become a zombie, you actually lose a lot of perks from when you were a human. First of all, you lose your gulag attempt, so when you die as a zombie you will need a teammate to buy you back instead of earning your way in a gunfight in the gulag. Second of all you also lose all of you Call of Duty guns that you were using at the time of being a human. Don’t worry, you get all your stuff back after you die as a zombie. Lastly, becoming a zombie makes it really easy for you to die. Anytime you get into a fight against a human with a gun, you are at a disadvantage immediately because you have to kill them with your fists. Hence why it is easier to die.

Pros of becoming a zombie.

Becoming a zombie doesn’t just put you at a disadvantage. You also get some advantages over the humans that they aren’t able to have. When you become a zombie, you are able to attack the other players with melee, you can jump at an extremely high height, you can deploy gas grenades, and you can also emit an EMP around you. I don’t know if the pros outweigh the cons, but becoming a zombie in a Call of Duty video game is always worth trying at least once!

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I am sure that gamers will find a way to use zombies as a strategy for their team. After all, jumping up super high is one massive advantage that the zombies have. Maybe teams can use that on their squad to their advantage.

Call of Duty: Warzone is changing constantly. It is clear that something big is coming. Nothing is added to these games for no reason. There is always a reason to why things are added. It is just a matter of how long it will take to for these “big” things to come through.

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If becoming a zombie is something you are interested in doing in Call of Duty: Warzone then by all means go for it. After all, it does add a little extra fun to the game and is worth trying if you haven’t done it before. You never know, you may find that becoming a zombie may add some very strategic values to your squad.