WWE 2K22: What you should expect after one year hiatus


The WWE 2K franchise has been in a rut lately. The recent few games in the wrestling video game franchise have been buggy and have received some pretty bad reviews. As a result, 2K announced it would take a year off from making a main WWE 2K video game. Now, the franchise is hoping to get new life in the form of WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 was first revealed at night one of WrestleMania 37. Fans got an announcement trailer that showcased WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio doing his signature 619 move on fellow WWE Superstar Cesaro. That was basically all we got from the announcement trailer, but hopefully, everything in the trailer transfers over to the actual game.

Biggest takeaways from the announcement trailer.

In the announcement trailer, the graphics were very sharp and smooth. This is going to be one of the biggest things that fans are going to look for in this new installment. One of the biggest issues of previous WWE 2K games were the fact that they were never smooth and the mechanics always seemed to be a little off. That is something that 2K is not usually known for. Other 2K sports games were fine, but it just seemed to be that they could never get a WWE video game done right.

The smoothness in the trailer should be taken with a grain of salt. Trailers can make everything look better than what they actually are. Hopefully, this is not the case with this game. I am hoping that after skipping a year, the franchise will be reborn. Another, interesting that that was shown in the announcement trailer was the detail that was done to the wrestlers. If you are going to make a video game seem realistic, heavy details are going to be your best friend.

What to expect from WWE 2K22?

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The tagline for WWE 2K22 is “It hits different.” That statement could not be more true. The game needs to hit different this year otherwise the future of the franchise could look extinct. There are only so many WWE 2K games that can keep getting made with negative reviews before 2K finally decides to call it quits on the franchise. The goal for the company is to make money and if no one buys the games, they aren’t achieving their goals.

The pressure is on for 2K games as fans of the franchise are holding them to very high standards especially since they have had two years to try and perfect the game.

We don’t know a ton more about WWE 2K22, but as the year progresses, more details will be released. WWE 2K games are usually released sometime in the fall so there is still quite some time for additional information to be released.

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All in all, I have very high hopes that this game will be the turn-around for the WWE video game franchise. Expect to see huge improvements and a more positive vibe than WWE 2K20 got. If they fail to do so once again, the future of the WWE 2K franchise is surely at risk.