Genshin Impact: The complete Tartaglia guide to Ascension Materials, Talents, Artifacts, Weapons

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Tartaglia is the game’s premier Hydro DPS, and wants his Artifacts and Weapons to make him hit as hard as he possibly can.

Tartaglia Artifacts

Artifacts for Tartaglia are pretty straightforward, as you’ll be looking for stats that are standard for DPS characters. You’re looking for ATK %, CRIT Rate and CRIT Damage. He has a Passive Talent that triggers his Riptide ability on CRITs, so prioritize CRIT Rate over CRIT Damage. I recommend Hydro DMG% on the Goblet, which can be off-set.

4 Heart of Depth

Heart of Depth can be earned by completing the Peak of Vindagnyr at the summit of Dragonspine. At two pieces, you get a 15% boost to Hydro DMG. With four, you get an additional 30% DMG increase to Normal and Charged attacks. Tartaglia’s main method of dealing damage comes from using his Elemental Skill, but it doesn’t actually count as Elemental Skill damage. With the stance change on, your attacks are still treated as normal attacks. Only the Riptide slash that triggers on hitting an enemy affected by Riptide counts as Elemental Skill damage, so you can take full advantage of the four-piece Heart of Depth set.

2 Gladiator’s Finale OR 2 Noblesse Oblige/2 Heart of Depth

You’ll get a ton of Gladiator’s Finale set Artifacts by just defeating Bosses. Two Artifacts from this set increases your ATK by 18%. You can’t take advantage of using a four-piece set since Tartaglia is technically a bow user.

Noblesse Oblige must be earned by completing the domain at Clear Pools and Mountain Cavern. Two pieces of Noblesse gets you a 20% damage bonus to Elemental Bursts. You’ll have to defeat one of each kind of Abyss Mage. A trick I’ve found is that right after activating the challenge, run to the corner of the room so you don’t aggro the Hydro or Cryo Mage. This will let you more easily deal with two enemies, but you also won’t be juggled by being frozen.

Tartaglia Weapons

Weapons are hard to talk about in Genshin, since your available pool will depend on luck when Wishing. Here are his ideal weapons, and what free-to-play friendly weapons are good for him.

One of Tartaglia’s best weapons is the four-star bow Rust, which increases ATK. It also has an ability that increases Normal attack DMG by 40% at the cost of an 8% decrease to  Charged attack DMG at first Refinement, something that Tartaglia makes great use of. His main way of damage is Normal attacks, since his Skill’s stance change doesn’t actually count as Skill damage.

Windblume Ode is another decent choice for Tartaglia if you got one during Windblume Festival, as it does a miniature version of a four-piece Heart of Depth effect.

Neither of the craftable Bows synergize that well with Tartaglia, but the better of the two is the Compound Bow. Hits from normal attacks increase ATK% and SPD, but the weapon’s Physical DMG bonus can’t be exploited.

If you have the Starglitter, the Royal Bow from the Item Shop is better on Tartaglia than the other archers. It increases CRIT Rate by 8% on each hit up to five times, but all of those buffs clear when you finally land a CRIT. This helps you trigger Riptide quickly. The Royal Bow isn’t amazing on other bow users since the CRIT conditions are often met upon shooting a weak point, but Tartaglia doesn’t worry about manually aiming anyway.

To remove luck from the equation, get the Battle Pass and redeem The Viridescent Hunt as your weapon. Its secondary stat is CRIT Rate and it has an ability that give Normal and Charged attacks a 50% chance to create a cyclone that deals damage for four seconds. It can trigger once every 14 seconds. With Tartaglia’s flurry of attacks and his role as crowd control, you’ll almost always get two triggers of this before his Skill time ends.

If you get a five-star Bow, slap it on him. The raw increase to ATK% from a five-star bow is great on Tartaglia. The best five-star is Skyward Harp, since it increases his CRIT Rate and DMG. It also has a bonus attack on hit, which can be triggered frequently in either of his stances.

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