Genshin Impact: The complete Tartaglia guide to Ascension Materials, Talents, Artifacts, Weapons

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How to get Varunada Lazurite

You can get Varuna Lazurite by defeating the weekly Bosses, but you can make sure you get them by defeating the Oceanid.

The Oceanid is less of a Boss and more like a gauntlet of Hydro elementals. They’re like Slimes, as they permanently have the Hydro condition. They’re immune to Hydro attacks as well, so Tartaglia himself isn’t best suited for this fight.

The round bird and frogs will explode when defeated, so dash away to the other side of the map as soon as you defeat them. Archers and skills that auto attack like Oz are indispensable for the Oceanid. Anemo is hard to use in this fight, since the terrain and weather constantly apply Wet.

The Oceanid is the toughest Boss to beat solo, so be grab a friend to help. Some of the enemies like the boar and crabs constantly regenerate health, so the second source of damage makes this more manageable.

How to get Cleansing Heart

You get Cleansing Heart by defeating the Oceanid as well.

How to get Recruit’s Insignia, Sergeant’s Insignia, Lieutenant’s Insignia

Ironically, Tartaglia needs to defeat his countrymen to become more powerful. Such is life in Snezhnaya.

These are some of the faster materials to collect, since Fatui Skirmishers come in groups of two or three. Agents and Cicin Mages can also drop them, but you’ll primarily be searching for Skirmishers with your Handbook. Skirmishers tend to hang around ruins in Liyue and Dragonspine.

Skirmishers have their own Elements, and will create shields if you don’t defeat them fast enough. The shields are tough to break if you don’t have the right Element to exploit them, so be sure to inspect the enemy before you engage and adjust your team accordingly.

There are three kinds of Skirmishers: Bracers, Legionnaires and Vanguards. Bracers can be Pyro or Geo, Legionnaires are Hydro or Cryo and Vanguards can be Anemo or Electro.

Use Hydro against Pyro, Pyro against Cryo, Cryo against Electro and Electro against Hydro to break their shields. For the Geo enemies, you can use any claymore, Geo or explosive attack to break the Geo shield. The Anemo Skirmisher only has their shield up to set up a counter attack, so wait until they drop their barrier.

How to get Teachings of Freedom, Guide to Freedom, Philosophies of Freedom

Tartaglia’s Talent books can be obtained from the Forsaken Rift in Mondstadt on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. The challenges here aren’t difficult, with the only stipulation being that your stamina consumption will be increased. You’ll be fighting a Hilichurls, Cryo Slimes and Cryo Abyss Mages, so pack some claymore or Pyro users. Diluc and Xiangling work great here. Watch out if you bring Barbara as healer, since her heals cause you to get Wet and makes you susceptible to Freeze.

How to get Starconch

Starconch are easy to find. They’re scattered around the shores of Yaoguang Shoal and Guyun Stone Forest. You can just relaxing walk on the beach and you’ll be able to gather a ton of these.

How to get Shard of Foul Legacy

Of course, Tartaglia needs some of his own belongings to Ascend Talents. This item is one of the three special drops by defeating him during the Lv 70 weekly Boss Fight at the Golden House. You’ll need 60 Original Resin to redeem the rewards, and you can only do so once per week.

Tartaglia as a Boss has similar moves to when you use him as a character, but moves faster and hits harder. He’ll use his arrows more in his first phase before switching to his Electro Delusion. His third phase is easier than his second, but he’ll hit hard no matter what. Bring a healer to stay topped off or a shield creator to stop some of the damage of his hard-to-dodge Riptide and Narwhal attacks.

How to get Crown of Insight

The elusive Crown of Insight is needed to max out a character’s Talent, but Crowns are extraordinarily rare. They’re only awarded by completing events, so there’s only so many you could have gotten. For more information on Crown of Insight, check out our in-depth look here.