Monster Hunter Rise: 5 weird but awesome secrets you need to know

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Pet The Pets

Depending on how you rank things mentally in Monster Hunter, this is either going to be the least valuable thing you will learn from this list or the most valuable. But in Monster Hunter Rise you have a ton of animals that hang with you. From the Monster Hunter Palaco, to the new comers Palamute (the awesome good boy that can carry you through battle and fight by your side) and the Cohoot (the owl that delivers messages).

Between the cat, dog and owl that are always with you on your journey they do a lot for you. But what do you do for them? Turns out you can do quite a bit. As you can see in the video below you can pet and play with them all if you’re willing to find the options buried in the menu. You can see how in the video below or you can continue reading below but…honestly, why do you not want to see them get petted. If you don’t want them petted you’re the biggest monster in Monster Hunter. It was you all along.

Alright, so for the Cohoot you’re going to want to look through your options for an option called, appropriately, “Call Cohoot” this brings the little guy to your hand where you can pet it. You can also open the “Pet Menu” and choose to feed it which also gives you a really cute animation.

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With the Palaco and Palamute you need to choose “Wait” which makes them sit in one spot. Approaching them will give you a whole bevy of options which, for both, the most important option is always pet but, real talk, that secret handshake with the Palico is wonderful.

The petting animations will give you a variety of different ones from short little pets to surprisingly long animations to…things that aren’t petting like in the above video when I decide to throw my Palico in the air like my feline son.

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Anyways, these are just five of the many hidden things that you can do in the game. Give them all a try and honestly just have fun with it. The Monster Hunter series is one of those series where if you think you might be able to do something…you…actually can. Weird little hidden things all over the place encourage you to explore and have fun and I think I enjoy it almost as much as hunting the monsters themselves.