Monster Hunter Rise: 5 weird but awesome secrets you need to know

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The Temple’s Hidden Rooms

Alright, while the other secrets can all take place in the hub world, this one’s going to involve us going out into the field. Specifically, we’re going to need to go to the Flooded Forest area.

One of the high points, literally and figuratively, in the Flooded Forest map is the massive temple which is visible from pretty much every point in the area. Before we go there we’re going to pack something. A Barrel Bomb.

Now, the temple is absolutely wonderful because not only is it a large ruin you can explore (which I love) but it’s filled with rooms, tunnels and weird side paths. I love distractions. But there are two rooms that are massive pains to get to and both offer really rare stuffs.

So the first room I covered is the easier to get to. Go two floors up and then run around the edge, carefully wire-bugging over a collapsed segment) to get to the side of the temple facing east, opposite the side with the massive stairs. About halfway across the eastside you can look down and see a little ledge. Slide down and stop on it, then, carefully, drop into the door below it.

This takes you into a neat little room filled with herbs a mining point and a weird crack. If there’s nothing in it just chill and camp out there for a while, keeping that area on screen. Eventually, a Quetzal Cobra will rise up from it. Despite looking incredibly intimidating it will absolutely not hurt you. You can walk up to it, take pictures (which you should for your guide) and if you feel mean you can also hit it (or blow it up as I did in the video). It’s never dropped anything for me but that doesn’t verify that there isn’t something it MIGHT drop.

For the other hidden room, you’re going to need to get all the way to the very top of the temple. This one sucks because to get there, as there are no steps, you basically have to jump up in the air off your palamute, wirebug twice and then use up a massive stamina bar (eat well-cooked meat before doing this) to get up the steep slope.

When you do you’re met with a doorway blocked off by rock. Oh well. Just playing. Grab that barrel bomb and then take some steps away before sinking a kunai into that big guy. The explosion takes the rocks out letting you go in.

The room itself is painfully underwhelming with absolutely no interesting details within. It’s a plain square room. What makes it cool is that in addition to a rare bug and some herb points, there’s also a Relic Record, the 10th for the Flooded Forest that gives you an Old Message worth 1000 points. After that, hop up to the roof if you want some Ivy and then just take in that ridiculously low rez view of the entire region from above.