Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day offers Absolutely Nothing if You Completed it Last Year

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Like we were warned previously, Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day was returning. The incredible pastel event hosted by Zipper, Animal Crossing’s equivalent of Pokemon’s Shedinja makes its return.

The event offers a lot of recipes. A ridiculous amount, to be honest. Several outfits and furniture set all needs to be completed if you want the Star Wand from Zipper. And if you did it last year, you probably noticed that there was something new in the form of Nook’s store offering new Bunny Day-themed items. Most of these were pretty nice and a lot more subtle than the other stuff. Decorative trees, lawn signs, planters. They honestly looked a lot my subtle and nice than the normal Bunny Day stuff.

But if you completed the event previously. Let’s just say this is going to be a REALLY quick event for you. In this video I show exactly what I mean by that. If you don’t want to watch, I’ll explain below the video.

If you’re like me and completed this event last year, Zipper doesn’t really acknowledge that. He does his little rhyme, tells you to go out and make the things, reminds you of the rules…but then when you talk to him a second time, ta-dah, you’re done! Zipper will then recognize you’ve gotten everything done and congratulates you for all your hard work…that you did 365 days prior.

It’s honestly a bit of a let down because even though it was an easy way to get a Star Wand, if you completed this you already had a star wand.

So what can you do with this day? I dunno. You could be a good friend and donate it to someone who missed the event because they have active family involvement (though it’s still a pandemic so be careful) on this day, you could just have a second one, or, you could be one of those people that like it on one of those weird sites where you can have real people pay you in bells for items. Which is weird to me but if it’s your jam, jam it up.

Personally, I’m just going on Twitter tomorrow and asking the masses who missed the event. Easy peasy, lemon Jeezy.

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I’m so torn on this because while I would have liked to have something new in the game or at least something added on to the event, I also honestly cannot stand Bunny Day and the completionist in me feels really good that I don’t have to mess around with this day more than I need to.

Maybe next year they’ll change it up or at least give up April Fools back. I miss you Blanca.