Monster Hunter Rise: Five dream crossovers we want to see

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This is a complicated one but maybe something that just celebrates Nintendo in general. Instead of gearing it towards the franchise, give us a special event that just focuses on Nintendo history.

What do I mean by that?

Imagine the Palamute designed to look like the dog from Duck Hunt while the Cohoot looked like the duck from it. Think of how horrifying your hunter will look running into battle with the face of an Animal Crossing villager (Monster Hunter has made silly mascot helmets many times). It’s not like Animal Crossing hasn’t been mentioned in Monster Hunter before.

There are just so many options here.

You want a Cohoot that looks like Kirby? Got it. You want Pit’s bow and arrow from the Kid Icarus games? Sure thing. What about a bow and arrow that looks like a deformed Arwing from Starfox that makes the arrows look like the blasts from the Arwing? Awesome.

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Clothing could be goofy fun as well. You can capture and hunt all the monsters you want but you’re not going to look like the very best (arguably like no one ever was) without a Pokemon trainer cap. Pair that with a Pikachu-themed Palamute with a weapon that can create electric damage and paralysis? Meowth Palico? Rowlet Cohoot? I don’t want to wake from that dream.

There are so many excellent ways that Nintendo history could be celebrated, especially with a series as goofy as Monster Hunter that has made its Pheonix Wright crossover work. I mean, look at this quick run down of when Monster Hunter celebrated Capcom history in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

It can be done and I wanna see it.