Rocket League Season 3 early details: Here’s what we know so far

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It is almost that time again to say goodbye to another season of Rocket League and welcome in a brand new one. Rocket League Season 3 is set to begin on April 7 and run all the way through July 21. Season 3 will last nearly 4 months and will have plenty of familiar and new things that players can look forward to heading into it.

As you can probably expect, there will be a brand new Rocket Pass that you will be able to purchase so that you are able to unlock 70+ tiers of new items. There will also be an all-new Tyranno that you will be able to unlock as you progress through the Rocket Pass. More details on the Tyranno will be released later next week when the Tyranno will get a full reveal all on its own.

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There will also be a new set of season challenges, competitive rewards, and tournament rewards, that you will be able to dive into when the season starts. This is stuff that you can usually expect when a new season of Rocket League starts. However, Psyonix always likes to throw something new in for its gamers so that you can clearly distinguish a difference between multiple seasons.

For Season 3, we have been promised that there will be NASCAR and Formula 1 content bundles throughout the course of the new season. Each of the two will have their very own content bundles with NASCAR being released first in early May and Formula 1 in mid-May. NASCAR and Formula 1 are the perfect type of bundles to add to a game like Rocket League. They are the definition of competitive racing and speed.

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There is one more major change that has been revealed for Rocket League Season 3. The DFH Stadium (Circuit) has been designed to feel like you are trackside for a Championship Sunday. This take on a classic Arena will be available in both casual and competitive playlists along with private matches and Freeplay starting at the beginning of Season 3. Get ready to hit the tracks, when an all new Season 3 of Rocket League debuts on April 7.