Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 PS4 to PS5 upgrade explained

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 arrived on PlayStation 5 this week, offering a variety of next-gen upgrades for the already remastered game that was released last year for PS4. If you’re buying THPS 1+2 for the first time on PlayStation 5, there are two options: the Standard Physical Edition for $49.99 or the Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle Edition, which also entitles you to the PS4 version of the game as well as access to the Digital Deluxe Edition content.

Unfortunately, if you already purchased the game on PlayStation 4 when it released last year, you can’t upgrade to the PS5 version for free. While some publishers are allowing free next-gen upgrades for their games, Activision isn’t one of them.

Basically, if you purchased Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 on PS4 digitally for $39.99, you’ll have to pay the $10 fee to upgrade to the Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle.

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If you purchased a physical copy of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 for PS4, you can upgrade to the PS5 version through the PlayStation 5 by also paying the $10 upgrade charge. You’ll then use the game disc to download and play the game on PS5. Because of this, the standard disc version upgrade is not compatible with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console since it has no disc drive.

Obviously, having to pay a $10 upgrade fee isn’t ideal, especially as other publishers allow their games to upgrade for free. But if it’s any consolation, you’ll unlock access to the secret skater Ripper (a.k.a. the infamous Powell-Peralta mascot), retro gear for Create-A-Skater mode, and retro skins for Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Rodney Mullen. And, of course, you’ll be getting the game in 120 FPS at 1080p, native 4K at 60 FPS, spatial audio and more on PlayStation 5.

So to sum it up:

  • PS4 Digital Deluxe Edition upgrades to PS5 for free
  • PS4 Standard Digital Edition upgrades to PS5 Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle for $10
  • PS4 Physical Edition upgrades to PS5 Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle for $10 (requires PS5 with disc drive)

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Most of your saved game data can be transferred from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, but Create a Park save files will not transfer, unfortunately.