Sanrio x Animal Crossing: Everything Toby’s amiibo card gives you

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Continuing our coverage of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover with Sanrio (the people behind Hello Kitty), today we’re looking at everything Toby’s amiibo card gives you in the Nintendo Switch game.

For those unfamiliar, there are a total of 6 amiibo cards you can collect, available only at Target. Each of these has a picture of a camper filled with furniture themed after a particular Sanrio character as well as showing a driver who is loosely themed after that particular character. One of the things I absolutely love about this is that the animals driving aren’t the same kind of character as the character. The rabbit “My Melody” is represented by a deer villager named Chelsea who is wearing rabbit ears, The frog “Kerokerokeroppi” however IS represented by a rabbit. It’s amazing.

The rabbit, in this case, is the smug rabbit named Toby who is clearly a massive fan of the green Sanrio frog. Not sure why he’s smug though because if I saw a yellow rabbit with green fuzz and blue discoloration of the ears that thing would be teleported to the vet before you could say “gangrene”.

Toby’s Kerkerokeroppi (I hate typing that name) themed furniture is easily my favorite set of the Sanrio crew. While the other five seem to go all-in on fluffy and cute, Kero’s is outdoors, classic Japanese chic with frog esthetics thrown in for good measure. Stone lanterns, koi ponds, paneled walls, zen gardens, it’s all the kind of thing that I personally have always wanted more of in the game and even though a lot of it has Kero’s mug worked into the design (or his snail friend Den Den or his little weather doll Teru Teru) their look is honestly a subtle note and not something that dominates each piece which I appreciate.

My absolute favorite though is easily the Kerokerokeroppi wallpaper.

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It sort of reminds me of the kind of background in an early Mario game or other early Nintendo platformer. A pattern of trees with faces creates such a solid look and, when put in place, you’ll see the fence is someone three-dimensional, creating a mild perspective shift as the camera turns. It’s really well done.

As for the villager himself, you can only get the villager by scanning the card from an ATM, you can’t visit someone else’s island and sweet talk him into moving in. But that’s okay unless you honestly needed a smug villager.

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While I love the Kerokero furniture, I don’t really got a lot of love for Toby. Despite Kerokerokeroppi’s chill nature, Toby is a smug type of villager which means he’ll tend to get into arguments with some of the people of your island and generally bring down the chill vibe his accompanying furniture might give off.