NCAA Football: How EA should determine the cover athlete

The sports and video game worlds were both shocked when EA Sports announced that they would finally be reviving the NCAA Football franchise. Fans of the past and fans of the present could not be more excited about this announcement. But there are still a lot of questions on the table that have still yet to be answered.

Perhaps the biggest question is when is the official release date of NCAA Football? I do not think it will be released this year, but perhaps possibly next year? At this point, it is all a guessing game.

However, the next biggest question that people have is who will grace the cover of the NCAA Football game after its long-awaited return?

Being the cover athlete is a major achievement for any player for any sports video game. Not only is it big for the players themselves, but it is also a great market move for EA to get more copies of the game sold. While I am going to be purchasing the game no matter who is on the cover, there is sometimes a subconscious thing that happens in your mind that makes you want to buy the game even more.

The cover athlete should be someone who has represented the NCAAF league the best since the video game has been on hiatus.

The game making a long-awaited return deserves to have a cover that is going to wow fans. Usually, the way the cover athlete works is that they are chosen based on who represented the league the best prior to that game being released. They do that so that they are able to honor those players for being a great representation of their league.

However, the last NCAA Football game to be released was NCAA Football 14. There has been a lot of time in between these games and the cover athlete is going to be a major decision for EA.

The best idea I can think of would be to choose the player who has made a major impact on college football since 2014. Every player has done something different over the past 7 years that can be deemed worthy to be on the cover so that is up to EA to decide who it should be.

It could be Joe Burrow for his stellar performance with LSU. It can even be Trevor Lawrence for taking Clemson on an absolute tear over the past 3 seasons. Sarah Fuller can even be on the cover for being the first woman to participate in a power-conference football game. The possibilities are endless, but they should make the cover special since it’s been over 7 years since an NCAA Football game has been released.

Will EA Sports put someone on the cover that isn’t even in the NCAA yet?

There is still always a chance that EA Sports decides to put someone on the cover that has a breakout year, the year prior to NCAA Football video game being released. That is something that usually happens with video games as I stated previously, but I just feel like this game is supposed to be bigger than that. The person that they put on the cover can be a breakout freshman in his first year of college who is still in his high school math class right now.

It is possible that they lean that way, but let’s hope they shoot a little bigger. Of course, using a current college athlete could also pose problems in terms of using a player’s likeness and compensating it for them.

The hype around this game is going to be huge and already has been massively talked about. It is hard to picture that EA would want to put anyone on the cover who hasn’t already made their mark in the NCAA.

The cover athlete is something that everyone is waiting to get a sniff for and I have a really good feeling that EA Sports has something really nice in store for its fans for the cover athlete. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled. EA can drop a major cover athlete announcement at any moment.